Brands & Business Management

As a unit dedicated to the entire management of your brand, we see branding as a business which must be addressed and managed as such, with the primary objective of meeting the expectations of the brand custodians.

– All personnel in this unit do not only live the brand but also sleep the brand in order to keep our promise and that of the brand

Research & Evaluation

Our business is built around research from the point of the brief to the point of execution. We are constantly probing the brand(s) and the issues as well as the consumers to understand if what we are doing is moving us toward the desired goal

Financial Communications & Investor Relations

Investors are different kinds of consumers. We understand them, as well as the nation’s capital market and operators. This gives us the leverage to tailor our messages with available or created platforms to ensure that the expected bond between the client and the investing public remain mutual. Sometimes the investor needs more than just the figures to see the opportunities.

Concept Development

We are constantly innovating to facilitate proper execution of our briefs. As a result of the dynamics of the marketplace, we have decided to go beyond the tradition to reach the consumer.

Media Relations/Content & Analysis

We understand the media scene, and have a good rapport with the personnel – from Grassroots to Editors-In-Chief. We feed and source content from them as a way of getting feedback on consumers’ disposition to messages.

Besides the traditional media, we create independent strategic platforms where we speak and hear from our target audience.

Consumer Nteract/Xchange

The fragmentation of the consumer in the marketplace requires expertise in engagement. The message is better understood and we have instant feedback from them on the subject matter.


We develop & design

  • Business strategies and plans
  • Political strategies and citizen-oriented policy blueprints.
  • Brand strategies.

We help organizations to:

  • create new products & services and extend existing ones
  • test product and service concepts
  • identify and leverage market trends

We help Staff organizations to:

  • Understand company vision and culture.
  • Simplify processes creatively.
  • Generate ideas for enterprise development.

New Media


  • Deploy, monitor and manage social media initiatives.
  • Develop creative ways to talk to customers, employing language they understand.
  • Provide insight into how the market thinks using analytics.

Traditional Media

We help governments, institutions and corporations communicate with the public.

We develop intelligent solutions for public relations nightmares.

Our unique advantages

  • Young and
  • Personal touch to account management
  • Budget-friendly
  • Deep understanding of the business
  • Very passionate
  • Responsive turnaround time (we work with the Clients’ time)

Training and Management Consultancy

We provide exceptional, thought provoking, extremely professional and pragmatic training programs and management consultancy. They are beautifully crafted developmental experience of the highest caliber designed as per your company needs. The importance of our training cannot be over emphasized. Our training improves business performance, profit and staff morale. The key goal of our training is to help professionals to achieve the greatest levels of success. Jubilant Oasis Stewards of Africa deploys dedicated training professionals to elevate your performance to the next level.

Training and development play an important role in the effectiveness of organizations and to the experiences of people in work. Training has implications for productivity, health and safety at work and personal development. All organizations that want to make their dreams a reality have no choice but to train and develop their staff for better results. Investment in training and development is a virtuous management practice to maintain appropriate expertise now and in the future.

Marketing Consultancy

We offer a broad portfolio of traditional and digital marketing services. Our ability to design and deploy integrated marketing campaigns utilizing a variety of assets and channels sets us apart from other marketing services providers.

Jubilant Stewards of Africa was founded with the goal of helping clients thrive in today’s highly competitive marketing environment. While other companies rush to abandon traditional marketing in favor of digital techniques, we’ve bolstered our offline marketing capabilities while expanding our team with seasoned professionals to support our clients’ digital needs.

JOSA is a skilled team of creatives that aim at building the perfect brand identity for you and your business. We develop suitable marketing strategies for startups & established brands. We help you capture and hold the attention of your target market through various creative mediums. Utilizing the latest digital marketing systems, we will put you at the top of your niche. Let us define your brand.

JOSA is also the fastest growing as a result of our innovative approach to creative branding. The JOSA holds high standards in delivering the best quality services which we can boldly claim to be recognized globally. Our agency prioritizes building long-standing relationships with our clients by handling every single project with critical importance, paying attention to every single detail and delivering nothing but the best.


We gather, analyze and interpret information about  markets, products and services to be offered for sale in that market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the product(s) or service(s); research into the characteristics, consumerism, spending habits, location and needs of a business’s target market, the industry as a whole, and the particular competitors you face.

We help brands connect with the World

We are a marketing agency specialized in Creative Branding and Marketing Strategy. We are a team of creatives focused on changing the public’s perception of marketing through innovation in Creative Marketing.

Building one brand at a time

We are geared towards helping brands communicate with their customers across the globe.

At Jubilant Stewards of Africa, we rely on three core values to drive success:

Do you need a unique identity?

Let us help you capture your desired audience, tailor your brand to suit your preferred target market and grow your business today.

Offline Marketing Services

Our offline marketing services allow our clients to pursue growth with the same efficiency, scalability, and focused targeting that makes digital marketing platforms so desirable. Whether you’re looking to reach a broad market or a very specific audience, Jubilant Stewards of Africa will design the following offline marketing campaigns that deliver results.

  • Conferences
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Sponsorships
  • Printed Collateral
  • Branded Items (shirts, pens, etc.) Focus Groups

Online Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services are a great way to take advantage of the latest marketing technology. Our experience and technical ability means you can deploy a targeted digital strategy that delivers results from day one.

  • Social Media Services
  • SEO
  • Display Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Website Design & Development

Brand Strategy

Our groups of versatile experts’ creatives at JOSA offer both short and long-term strategies for the development of your brand. Our uniquely creative and flexible brand strategies aim to achieve specific goals and affect all aspects of your business while connecting to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments. Build your business with us today; get more visibility and more sales.

Digital Marketing

We offer effective digital marketing by using a combination of the latest cutting-edge digital technology and traditional display advertising alongside other digital mediums and Non-Internet channels. We develop custom digital marketing methods that boost your brand visibility as well creatively projecting your brand’s message to the consumers. Get more from your digital marketing and search engine optimization, more traffic translates to more money for your business.

Package Design

Our dedicated designers ensure you get cost-effective and uniquely elaborate designs that increase not only the attractiveness of your product’s visible outer presence, but promote functionality and practicality while highlighting the essence of your product’s goals and vision. Our creative product packaging process also extends from designing to include evaluating and production packages, package labeling, warehousing, logistics as well as preservation of packaged products.

Content Creation

We provide efficient, creative and consistent information in specific contexts concerning your product to any media platform, most especially to digital media. We offer our services ranging from updating websites, automated content generation, and direct e-mail marketing as well as providing original photography and videography, online commentary, maintenance of social media accounts, editing and distribution of digital media. The most potent signal for your brand is its content. Creating and sharing valuable content is the key to attracting new customers and reinforcing your brand amongst existing customers. Search Engine Optimization requires content, keywords, links and our content creation marketing provides effective, engaging and informative content that will boost consumer awareness of your brand.

Campaign Development

We develop rich and engaging brand campaigns. We develop well-defined marketing strategy campaigns process that ensures high-quality results and capitalizes on clients brand’s story. Our goal is to expand your revenue margins by pairing your growth strategy with smart media planning. We see each project as an opportunity to make your products a success.

Visual Design

Our dedicated creative design striking eye-catching offline and online material that skillfully make your business brand and products stand out from the crowd. From user-friendly website design that boost traffic to clever traditional printing methods such as brochures, flyers and leaflets, logo designs and illustrations for book covers, music art and CGi’s for property.

Why communicate?

Profiling: We profile new, innovative business that needs the attention of potential clients/ business partners.
Messaging/ debates: in order to create or highlight a need that exists among the general public, JOSA generates relevant debates about the levels of service that businesses provide, and to create a customer-driven threshold for minimum expectations.
Product utility: demonstrating to potential partners/ clients the need for your products/services, how it can be integrated into business operations, and how it will add value to business and influence customer loyalty.

We offer top quality Branding Services

  • It all starts with an idea

It all stems from a single idea. We believe your brand is unique in its own way. Born form the beliefs and values of its creators, a brands identity should speak for itself. Your Brands values play a key role in the public’s perception of your products and services.

  • The Story behind the Brand

What do you stand for? What does your brand mean to you? There’s a story behind every brand.

  • Designing the Brand Experience

It is very important for every brand to be unique. This is exactly why we put in more than enough effort into crafting each brand with its own distinct identity.

  • Maintaining Brand Success

Preserving your attained success is just as important as every other step it took to achieve such success

Marketing Service Package

We offer the following integrated marketing services package that should cover all of your bases. It includes elements of both on and offline marketing, which will allow you to grow your brand across a variety of channels.

  • Online marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Campaign development
  • Visual design

What do we tell them? (Key messages)

We help you to build your story beyond key announcements and milestones, in order to maintain consistent communication with targeted audiences. This narrative is weaved into all communications opportunities, in order to develop a distinct “voice” that remains consistent. Several proposed themes to build these messages (max. 3) around include:

  • Value for your money: what do you deserve for every penny you spend?
  • Getting it right with customers: the level of service you provide is a direct reflection of a business’s HR capacity.
  • Levels of service: who is getting it right out there, and what can be learned from them/ be done to improve service?

 Media Engagement

Consistently engage with media houses, journalists and bloggers identified to share messaging. This includes:

  • Relationship building (outreach, pitching)
  • Proactive engagement for 1:1 interview opportunities
  • Pitching thought pieces (Opinion Editorials)
  • Pitching and placing forward features & and placed articles
  • Issues management
  • Distribution of press releases
  • Media monitoring

Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing strategies are meant to simply convert new prospects to product offers and also to create brand awareness. The client has an option to use our services as full Service Social Media Service where we do everything including posting and marketing. All we need is the brand overall message, target market and marketing objectives. We do all the posting, scheduling and engagement in the social media platforms.


As part of our services, we do employ pro-active reputation management campaigns. This becomes extremely useful in the long run in reducing the impact of any negative campaigns started by competitors or others.


It’s the nature of internet marketing that things change very quickly. Technology and marketing practice is always changing. As part of our responsibilities, we identify new opportunities for the brand as well as implement these when appropriate.

  • Design and implement a strategic sales and marketing plan.
  • Building and promoting strong long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Identifying emerging markets and market shifts.
  • Achieving growth by achieving sales targets.
  • Creating effective customer care systems.
  • Issuing sales and market reports.