Ask Mama when she is coming …..

By Sam Ndisya,

Ask mama, when she will return to collect me. When you see her, tell her that this place is very smelling. I cannot breathe. Though am new in this world, one-day old, tell mama this is not my place. Cockroaches massaging me, flies kissing my day old lips, from this dark corner of the public toilet. I neither want to pee nor poo, but mama left me here. I say this is not my place.
Ask mama for my clothes. For she never dressed me up since midnight. All what she did, was to wrap me in this blue-polythethene paper bag, and started mopping the house. The cold is too harsh. I am shivering. I am freezing but mama left. When you meet her, tell her I will appreciate,even a shirt sleeve, to just cover my chest. Duvets is miracle.
Ask mama for my lunch. I am starving. Ever since I came to this world, I never cried, my lungs are weak. Before I came, mama was not feeding me, leave alone the ” bitter pellets” which almost killed me. After receiving me, she “packed” me in this polytheistic bag, without any breast colostrum to at least say welcome. If you meet mama, tell her am ready to take whatever she will provide.

orphan Jubilant Stewards
Ask mama, where my sister went. Maybe I got stay with her. I miss her, Ever since she left me in the womb after consuming the “bitter pellets” may mama took. She slept never to wake up. She was carried away by a doctor, when mama fell asleep in the hospital bed. Closed dark room. Then mama bleed profusely after my sister was taken away. I saw her pay Kes. 5,000.
Ask mama whether she loves me. I am now thinking otherwise. She has never wanted to hear about me for she kept taking bitter herbs but I refused to take. I said “Mama I love you, I won’t die in your womb.
Today I came. To see mama. To tell her that I love her. But she decided to bring me here. Leave me with thirst,no food and no clothes. Ask mama how I will tell the police, because they have been here. She doesn’t want me alive. That’s what I have learnt. This is not my place.And I will simply die.
Say hi to mum. Let me die.

Samike Ndisya

Samike Ndisya

Samuel Samike Ndisya is a blogger, author and a humanist. Read more about him

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