Behind this smile

Behind this plastic smile on the face

The smile that brings false happiness

Which engulfs the happy sorrowful face

Is a large lamp of untold bitterness

Held tight by strong unseen force

Bitterness that betrays the heart’s tenderness


Behind this forced smile you see

Is a pool of tears just like a surging sea

Unnoticed tears of a genuine plea

Plea of deliverance from vultures’ spree

Will this cry be heard and set us free?


Within this false smile are sore scars

That itches the heart breeding unseen tears

Pains of decades behind this cruel bars

Separated from the light of sweet romantic stars

Behind this smile is a genuine cry,but who cares

In this pains the hearts bleeds and tears


Behind this broad smile is a pool of pain

Pain of years with nobody to care

In the curtains of smile I hide the pain

For the cry has had nothing better to bear

Deep within the heart is plain pain

Pain of Africans on freedom chain,

With no hopes of redemption from vulture like kings

Behind this false smile is untold pain

Of the native aliens




Ayieko jakoyo

Ayieko jakoyo

Ayieko Jakoyo is a seasoned writer and a poet in both English and Kiswahili(Ushairi). Having learnt in a rural or rather village primary and secondary school, I took my time to interact with various people in the society based on age and gender. My writing has been shaped by the daily occurances in the typical African society My literary star was lit and brightened by the famous poet Robert Frost. I loved his wordplay and how he addressed concrete issues through poetry. I always lived to write and sell out as he did in his time. I deeply got into writing when my article "Girl child's plea" did well in the 2009 National music festival for secondary schools. When I joined The university of Eldoret, I joined the C. O. F. F. E. E which is an association for the lovers of art and the BRIDGE campus magazine. Since then my poetry is doing well on various platforms. I have also joined jubilant stewards of Africa and I am looking forward to give my readers the best. Check my wordpress, for more articles. Find me on Fb as Ayieko Jakoyo And twitter as Jakoyo_jnr

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