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The Madiba Youth Organization  honoured the invitation for the Career guidance which was held at Roman Catholic Church, at Liphong Village near Thulamahashe in Bushbuckridge Local Municipality, Mpumalanga Province by Fr Jerome Soku, the Priest in charge at Maria Assumpta Parish in Acornhoek to deliberate under the theme “Why prospective students are not getting admission at Universities”

Madiba Youth Organization emphasized the importance of the career guidance program to help high school students decide on which career path to take after Matric and graduation. Madiba Youth Organization Founder and Team Leader Mr. Adam Sibuyi said as part of the organization’s employment facilitation programs, a network of career guidance counselors and advocates are conducting career seminars at different high schools in the realm addressing to junior and senior high school students.

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The career guidance programme broadens learners’ awareness of career options and ensures that they know about the various post-school study, financial aid, learning and work opportunities available and understand how to access them.

The programs are being done in coordination with department of education, churches, NGOs and other stakeholders. “In this aspect, we provide our guidance and counselors and career market advocates with what our industries need now. What are the hard-to-fill jobs? What are the in-demand jobs? What are the jobs with more employments? What jobs needed more skills? This is for these counselors to be able to communicate to their students,” he said emphasizing the need for these career market advocates for clearer understanding of the current labor market information of the region.

The objective of the program is for students to be provided with adequate information and knowledge of the possible careers and to lessen cases of shifting of courses in the middle of their college years. “Aside from working closely with other stakeholders, we also have managed to link together the career advocates and guidance counselors all over the country. In this way, the students won’t need to regret taking a course and eventually learning that there would be less job offered to them after graduation,” said Sibuyi.

Sibuyi went further saying that choosing a career is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life. That being said it is difficult to choose a career as there are so many elements that relate to the type of career and the industry that your career will be in.

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“The beginning of your career choice starts as early as Grade 10 as your Matric / National Senior Certificate subjects and marks determine your entrance into a university as well as the type of qualifications you can attain. The general university entrance is a Matric with English and Mathematics as subjects but this varies based on the qualification you want, more information can be obtained from the universities”, he added.

Often people change careers and industries as once they are working they find that they do not like the type of career of industry.

A lot of people make several career changes in their lifetime, the first career decision you make will have an impact on various aspects of your life.

It will, for example determine the direction in which you will develop skills, the type of organization in which you will start working and the income that you will earn.


Elizabeth Agutu

Elizabeth Agutu

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