Chase for Your Dream not tyres

johnsonBy Jotham Johnson, Sierra Leone

I noticed from my neighbor’s dog here in Free Town that most dogs like to chase after tyres. It is always quite a fascinating sight to behold when it jumps to the street anytime it sees a moving vehicle. I think it has a toxic revulsion for the tyres of a car and often i wonder if this could be its idea of adventure. Despite the purposeful pursuit, the energy been exerted is entirely misplaced and most especially the eminent danger it exposes itself to is profound.

The attitude of the dog towards tyres can be likened to an incessant meddling with dangerous habits and activities. The quest for thrills and instantaneous gratification leads many down a path of self destruction. Chasing after drugs, ill-gotten wealth, illicit sex-capades, gang violence and a host of negative others can bring momentary excitement but bear permanent repercussions. They eat at the fabric of the society which we all belong to, they steal potentials, erase opportunities and leave us empty.


Sometimes we chase after tyres because we are accustomed to danger and negativity. We have taught ourselves we deserve nothing good and our subconscious is on a dangerous path constantly. We are often misguided aswell, either because of pride; we fail to listen to advise or because we are genuinely clueless. For some their chase is directed at enemies from all angles failing to know the true enemy is their ownself.

You can change course today. Guard your energies, potentials, and resources jealously so much so that for every time you expend them they must yield you the best results. You are a gem, a precious, irreplaceable piece of a whole, don’t loose your place in the big picture of things. Make a tough choice to delay gratification, and to cut off dangerous habits or pursuits. Set goals for yourself and chase after them. The race ahead is not smooth but at least on this path you are assured a final destination of great success and a fulfilled life. Chase for good!


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