The Cry of a Person with Albinism

By Bangizwe- Nkashaka Sibuyi,

Stop killing people with Albinism.

You cannot predict the Creator’s will; otherwise I would have preferred to be born white or black without albinism.

Today, we are used as bait not for catching fish, but for making money. Where did you learn skills to kill us like wild animals?”

The country had game rangers to protect animals in the wild

The President( Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa), Deputy President ( David Dabede Mabuza) and Ministers ( Beki Cele, Aaron Motsoaledi), Premiers ( Ace Magashule etc.) and Mayors across the country have body guards to shield them from Killings.


But where is our security?

Why was I born with albinism?”

Why was I born with albinism? We are being denied the right to life and education.

We cannot move freely for fear of being attacked. When they see us, they say we are ” leswebe or xipfahenhla”

Human beings had become as dangerous as the lions, quest for riches through us as Albinos.

They are even exhuming us from graveyards.

We are relying on God the Creator of life, He who does not sleep and sees every evil deed you do.

What else can we do?


The author, Bangizwe- Nkashaka Sibuyi, is a human right activist from South Africa

Elizabeth Agutu

Elizabeth Agutu

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