CTD joins the world in celebrating World Peace Day

CTD was pleased to join millions of people across the world to commemorate this Day. Our choice to celebrate this Day with school pupils was driven by the philosophy of Peace Education which emphasizes on education as a key factor affecting our world view. UNESCO defines peace education as Tolerance, equality, freedom, solidarity, respect for nature and shared responsibility. And according to (Danesh 2006), school is where many of us spend most of our time as children and youth, and if we can bring knowledge, skills and change attitudes by creating a culture of peace unto the formal curriculum and school life imagine the changes we could make. One of the goals of peace education is to end violence.


CTD is driven by the desire to help transform conflict in the society in order to achieve a cohesive and habitable society for all. Therefore, because of this conviction since its establishment with the help of well-wishers, the organization held its first ever activity in 2016 with urban refugee youths living in Nairobi Kenya. Sports bring unity in conflict affected society such as South Sudan. So because we believe in sports as a peace building tool, on August, 2016, the organization launched a soccer tournament campaign which brought together several South Sudanese urban refugees’ soccer players in Nairobi Kenya, with an objective of fostering peaceful coexistence. This activity changed the existed prejudices and attitudes of several participants who formerly had different perspective of peace.

CTD is faced with a lot of challenges including and not limited to lack of resources. So because of financial constraints, this particular event would have not been a success if it were not because of some well-wishers who offered financial assistance. Therefore, we would like to appeal to the governments and the development partners to support and strengthen the capacity of the local organizations so that they may continue to provide assistance to vulnerable communities. Despite numerous challenges, CTD strives to continue to work for a peaceful South Sudan. As an organization passionate to help build a prosperous country, we would like to call upon South Sudanese society to collectively think peace and act peace.  CTD therefore calls all well-wishers to join us in building peace in South Sudan.

Yours in Peace,

Gabriel Mawien Dut


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