Don’t ever try to evade life’s challenges

By Juliet Rogers

Challenges are unsolved concerns, problems, impediments, difficulties on the way – all these must be of sufficient gravity that must be solved for some important reasons for which if ignored, result to some unfavorable consequences.

Challenges vary depending on the circumstances of the individual challenged in some environment. Challenges facing a student are vastly different from the challenges facing a paramount chief or a politician or a doctor or nurse or an MP or a football player or an ambassador, etc. Likewise, the challenges facing a wedded mother with a family are very different from that of a young poor girl with no supporting family or employment – and so on.

Challenges facing a country are obviously different from those facing an individual or a political party leader or a business owner or another country.

A country under the control of one set of leaders will be different from another country under a different set of leaders with different qualities.

In this human race, the test for livelihood is the struggle for survival not death. As long as one exists, one does not only have to think which is the power of one’s cognitive acumen, but one also has to go through struggles and storms of life.

Richard Branson didn’t become a billionaire by playing it safe. The founder of the Virgin Group, which is made up of over 400 companies, believes you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and take risks if you want to achieve greatness. He says, “You don’t learn to walk by following the rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

In the meantime, reflect on these words:

We all have within us the courage, strength and wisdom to deal with the challenges that life sends our way. Trust this and reach for it. It’s there. Nothing we go through is ever wasted and it’s important to be open to the learning. Rather than, ‘Why did this happen to me?’ try, ‘What can I learn from this?’ – Karen Young

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Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand, said Oprah Winfrey.

Ignoring certain challenges may have very serious consequences on the affected; individuals, group or countries, etc.

Now, start thinking. Find out some important problems facing you, a friend, and your parents. Your college, your chief, your Chiefdom, your political party, your country, etc. Now find out the possible consequences of successfully addressing those challenges and the possible consequence of avoiding those problems.

Now get started! Here is a heart-stirring story of one man, Barrister David Thomas who accepted the challenge of his high-flown opposition, and at the end of the challenge, he emerged as a celebrated hero. “Let us defame him,” Ted said, and make nonsense out of his pride so that no one takes him seriously,” he concluded to his team mates. The plan was soon executed. That evening was hot as the temperature has been at the highest degree for all day long.

David Thomas sat there alone listening to cool country-side music of Don Williams. “Good evening sir,” a second year student approached him with an envelope, gave him a broad smile which quickly retracted into sobriety. “I learned you are the lawyer dealing with the murder case of the lecturer who gave the chain of references to students” he enquired. “How does that concern you?” Barrister Thomas asked, looking in the book he was reading. When he looked up in his face, he realized he was Sadik, a younger brother of Ted his best friend. He gave him the envelop of five hundred Dollars that would have encouraged him to lose the case he was managing in the defense of the murderers of the lecturer, and the case was yet to be finally judged. He had video record for every dialogue they had in their transaction that night. Happily he handed over the recordings to Ted which was secretly given to the Anti-Corruption Commission.

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A law suit was filed against Barrister Thomas for accepting bribery which was a sub crime to the one who gave the bribe. The case attracted public attention because Barrister Thomas was considered the most reputable lawyer of his days. Thinking that he will deny receiving the envelop which could have implicated him; Thomas appeared in court after studying very hard to weather the storm.

The prosecutor that was set against him from the Anti-Corruption Commission was another good lawyer that has won many cases to his credit. “He has been considered as the ‘Christ’ of the century, there he is a total embarrassment of this noble profession. I think his license should be confiscated and barred from the legal practice,” he submitted his case. He presented the video recordings as evidence against Thomas.

When Barrister Thomas stepped forward and took his steps into the dock to defend himself, many eyes of surprise were fixed on him, eyes that could speak the minds of the beholders. Some lost confidence in him even before any judgment was passed. He was brief and precise. “We are here today to see the intricacies in this legal practice of ours. But what has happened is like a hunter taking his aim only to miss his target.” He snaked his way to let the court know that no judgment has been reached on the case of the murdered lecturer. Thomas continued that he received the envelop in question, but how can it amount to bribery when no judgment has been passed on the said case. Therefore, it was not clear whether he has accepted bribery or not. “Bribery for what judgment?” He quietly asked. However, he concluded that if the envelop of five hundred Dollars, was intended to bribe him, then it can be concluded that the giver must be taken to task for bribery and corruption and not he. The jury agreed that Thomas was correct and he was therefore acquitted and proved innocent since his final hearings have not been reached on the murder case of the lecturer.

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Sadik was arrested and charged to court, just as recommended by Barrister Thomas. He, Barrister Thomas was just twenty years. Owing to his excellent performance, his excellent performance, his fame spread far and wide, not only in his country, but also in the sub-region of West Africa. Very soon, cases started reaching him from other countries. Few months afterwards, he received a letter from ECOWAS Court, making him head of the Jury. Indeed, “No cross, no crown.”

Don’t ever try to evade challenges. Without challenges, there can hardly be a productive success. Maturity is not only about age, but also about your ability to transverse and overcome life’s challenges. There is the need to strive assiduously to achieve excellence. In this process, one has to confront challenges vigorously and with great determination. It is often said that “No cross no crown.” The implication of this wise saying is that, one has to exhibit a great degree of determination and resilience despite the storm in order to achieve success which is the bastion of human prerequisite.

  Juliet Rogers is Societal Engineer, Life & Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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Juliet Rogers

Juliet Rogers is Sociètal engineer, Life&Emotional intelligence Coach. She is a citizen of Sierra Leone. She is currently studying at Africa Graduate University - Uganda Sierra Leone Campus.

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