By MacDonald Chipenzi, Lusaka Zambia

Shocking, the PF Deputy Secretary General, Mumbi Phiri, is purported to have said “there are no sacred cows” is as far as corruption fight is concerned. She is further quoted to have said in the same statement that “whistleblowers should report suspected corruption to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)”.

Yet she knows very well that these institutions have been made moribund, ineffective and unreliable. They do not command public confidence, trust and support because they are allegedly captured by the government and party functionaries.


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What the country has been witnessing is the firing and resignation of ministers who are speaking against corruption in the PF and the government and someone claims that there are “no sacred cows?”
Just last week, PF youths intercepted a suspected illegal Mukula trade in Shimabala enroute to China via Chirundu border which has now become known as the Mukulagate scandal.
Instead of applauding the youths for what they did, they are being sought after to be punished and some are already reported to have been arrested.
Why arrest whistleblowers if you are committed to the fight against corruption? Is madam Mumbi Phiri not aware of the Mukulagate scandal and pursuing of the intercepters? What has she done to speak out against these vices in her own party and government? If the manner the youths did their whistle-blowing of the scandal was not right, does it take away the suspected crime?
Therefore, if indeed Madam Mumbi Phiri means well that “no sacred cows in the fight against corruption in government, party and the country, let the PF youths arrested for intercepting the Mukulagate scandal be set free forthwith.
Also let her tell President Lungu to institute investigations against ministers and government officials mentioned in Mukulagate, Grandview motorgate bribery scandal, etal.
The fact that President Lungu, after admitting that there is corruption in his government and among his ministers and also his failure to rise to the occasion to establish a commission of inquiry to inquire the swelling allegations of corruption, greed and selfishness in his government which has resulted in his foreign affairs minister resigning, means that there are sacred cows and Mumbi Phiri is being economic with the truth.
After all, Madam Mumbi Phiri is not in government where the Alpha and Omega operates from and directs, orders, commands certain actions.

The Writer, McDonald Chipenzi is the Executive Director GEARS Initiative Zambia.

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