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By Sam Ndisya

Currently, the number of students graduating from Kenyan universities is skyrocketing. This has led to a very competitive job market for the fresh graduates who all have whatever it takes to show their expertise in the firms related to their field of study. Some have been forced by circumstances to tarmac for years before landing to a substantial venture to reward their cumbersome 8.4.4 journey. Ironically, there is a very small lot which despite all this, land in lucrative internships leading to direct absorption by their organisation. The difference is simple.

Personal Branding.

Well, I will not dwell much on it but at least tackle one way where most graduates miss the mark or what they should know before they leave the campus gate. I know they are usually equipped with the necessary language and vocabulary to stand out but then its a few who know how to use Elevator Speech.

Elevator Speech is just a quick synopsis of one’s background and experience. It is a simple but effective way of introducing yourself to career connections. One uses it to share own expertise and credentials quickly with people who seem resourceful.

After campus, you should be ready with your speech and use it wherever there is a gathering such as job fairs, career Expos or even in social media. Instead of posting nudes or any unethical crap or incitement comments, share your bio. Let people respect you through what you post. Through your twitter statuses one will know the kind of person you are. In most online job application forms there the emerging slot of “Describe yourself in 250 words”. Here you just need to condense your speech. As you leave your house for cocktails ,conferences, youth forums or professional association programs, kindly see this as an opportunity. In your introduction, share your achievements and your skills.

In interviews, again, there is this question

“Tell me about yourself ” or “Who are you? “.

I want to give you the answer.

Just share your speech.


Tell the panel how you best suit the position, your major achievements and experience.

For example,

My name is Samike Ndisya. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Community Development from Moi University. I have been the chairman of Red cross Society in the local chapter for 2 years. I have a 6 months experience working with USAID as a change agent. Am passionate about humanity and am looking for a job that will put my skills as a change ambassador to work.

An elevator speech should be as brief as possible though should make sure you capture who you are and what qualifications and skills you have. Focus on all what add value to you. In your introduction, try to capture the attention of your audience. Make them want to hear from you. Create the intrest of your idea in them.

To avoid boring people with your speech, know your audience. Engage only those people who seems resourceful and can help or offer an input. If you have graduated with degree in medicine, target nurses, doctors, clinical officers and those related to the field. A teacher may see as you are boastful.

Suppose you have done communication and you accidentally meet Safaricom C. E. O Bob Collymore, what would you tell him? In the first place you may lack words to say whatever you think you can tell him. Simply because your speech is not in order. You are not ready. So kindly, write it down early in advance and start practicing. Those in their final year in campus should have theirs ready. Anytime you can come across a CEO or a manager of an organization you have wanted to work in. For mass media and journalism guys, auditions are usually advertised anytime. Be ready.

As you do all these, remember not to restrict yourself to a specific position. Be open minded and flexible. Your goal or aim is what should make them consider you. At the same time, don’t practice as you cram. Who knows your destiny? You may cram as if you only target a bank yet end up meeting a county officer for finance!

After the elevator, or as you as you part with your boss, it is always advisable to leave reference. Those who have been in the job market will have business cards but for fresh graduates, you can only refer to your facebook account or LinkedIn. As you interact in these social medias, be careful. You may have impressed your client but on visiting your twitter statuses, disbelief!.

Build your character from these social medias. Let them speak on your behalf. Its part of personal branding. Position yourself in a better place at every corner. Market yourself and you will never regret.

I will greatly appreciate if this article is of help to someone somewhere 😁.

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Samike Ndisya

Samike Ndisya

Samuel "Samike" Ndisya is a seasoned writer and a blogger running a blog https://sammikendisyawordpress.wordpress.com/ He is a motivational speaker and has been a leader of all times and at different capacities. He is a scholar, an undergraduate in Moi University taking BA Community Development. His passion for humanity and giving back to society saw him found SAMIKE KENYA foundation which main aim is to help alleviate poverty in his home county.

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