By Olly Moonga, Lusaka Zambia,
The most common excuse for some people for not achieving their dreams is LOCATION. In my journey as a speaker and a trainer, I have met people who say this of their places, ” I would have become successful in life if I was born in a better place than this one.” In saying this, they are implying that they cannot be successful in the place where they are unless it is a different place.

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One day during one of my mentorship programs I gave an illustration of germinating where you are planted. I said, ‘when you take a pack which had beer, you put soil in it, you put any vegetable seeds and water them accordingly, won’t the vegetable seeds germinate?’ and everyone said, “Of course the seeds will germinate.”

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Then I drew a lesson there and here it is; When the seeds germinate in that pack which had beer, the gardener or the farmer will then get the germinated seedlings and make a proper ‘bed’ in the garden and transplant them there and continue watering. The reason for the confidence in the gardener that those vegetables will grow in that big garden is because the seeds germinated in the pack of beer.

Don’t wish to have been born in a ‘better place’, germinate in the place where you were born from and you will be transplanted (travel) to places where you never thought would be possible. You are a seed carrying a forest within yourself and your responsibility to make sure that the forest in you doesn’t die, YOU MUST GERMINATE WHERE YOU WERE PLANTED.


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