How you can protect your personal data

Data protection is very crucial and should be respected. Ordinarily people get comfortable by just saving and storing data on their PC or laptop. we never think of any eventualities such as a computer cracking down or getting stolen. It is when the eventualities occur that we rush to the IT connoisseurs for help, but why allow situations to be worse before we take precautions? It is very easy to prevent data loss, especially at a personal level.
My surprise is people can have external hard drives, flash disks, compact disks and even email boxes where they can store data but that never happens. Alternatively, some may prefer working on any of the external storage devices I have mentioned without leaving a copy on their PC. Let me offer all of those folks who are culprits. Please ensure that you develop a habit of at least making at least three backups.
I remember our early years in ICT’s when we were taught of the three types of backups called ‘grandfather’, ‘father’ and ‘son’ backups. This is as simple as it sounds; the grandfather is the main backup, and in a case where he dies, the father takes over as a second backup and when he also dies, the son works as a third backup.

The ‘son’ then gives birth to a child and becomes a ‘father’ and sooner or later a ‘grandfather’, the cycle continues.  And please, never ever keep these backups in one place or you risk losing all of them at once which beats the logic. It is sensible to keep some of the work on you work PC, another one on your laptop and the third on any of your external storage devices. These days, there is even drop box, which is absolutely free. All you need is internet access then create an account and store your data which can be retrieved from wherever.
Each time you finish working on anything on your computer, please make sure that you make these backups to avoid data loss. I know in most cases we lazy and usually say it’s fine I will do some backups tomorrow but we never realize that your laptop can crash anytime without giving you any sign or worse off being stolen, your house or office can get fire and have all your things, including your backups destroyed. Now what happens if you keep your data on a single PC or all your backups in the same place? Guess we all know the answer to that question.
I know the backing-up process sounds very tedious but try to think of the consequences that might come from loss of data. Those of you who have experienced data loss before like my two colleagues mentioned earlier can attest to this.
But if you still feel it is better keeping your data on one PC, don’t say i never warned you and remember, i will gladly wait to help you on a cost. And it’s not cheap retrieving data.


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