Judge Susan Wenjelani receives accolades from Gears for Expediency in handling Mukata Case

Lusaka Zambia

GEARS Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has noted that the rate at which Judge Susan Wenjelani has handled the murder case of UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and his co-accused Chairmane Musonda is in a speedy and efficiency manner.


Chipenzi said that this is an indicator the criminal justice can good if the justices, defense lawyers and prosecution value the promotion of a Zambian justice system that attracts international acclaim. He added that if indeed the treason case for UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and five others, including UPND Lusaka Province Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta’s case and others of aggravated robbery were handled in a similar manner, the people accused should not have remained incarcerated for too long like the 127 days for treason accused and over 12 months for Mwaliteta’s aggravated robbery only to end at nolle prosequi and acquittals respectively.

Chilanga MP Keith-Mukata2
Chilanga MP Keith-Mukata Dancing 

“Other Judges can learn from Judge Wenjelani in the manner she has handled the murder case of Mukata and Musonda. It is exciting and encouraging seeing that there are still justices who respect speedy justice delivery system in Zambia. Mukata and Musonda’s murder case should set a tone for better and quick disposal of cases. it is done with speedy and efficiency. lf such can be applied to all the incarcerated in the country waiting for court appearances, trials and judgments, then they would not have been languishing for too long in correctional facilities, also the justice system could have been second to none in the world,” Chipenzi said.

Photo File: GEARS Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi

He also said that lawyers and the prosecution team must be commended for efficiency.

Lusaka High Court Judge Susan Wenjelani has set 28th February 2018 as ruling day for UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and his co-accused Chairmane Musonda who are facing murder case. The 28th date was arrived at subsequent to the parties involved gave evidence in the matter and filed ultimate submissions where the government required the court to convict Mukata on circumstantial evidence and left the decree for his co-accused to the court to make a final finding while Mukata asked the court to acquit them due to lack of evidence linking them to the murder.


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