The leading enterprises to watch this year


Here is the list of leading SMEs in Kenya as per the KPMG’s Top 100 survey

  1. True Blaq Limited

True Blaq Limited was formed in 2001 with the sole aim of providing experiential marketing in the Kenyan economy. The founders realized that there was an untapped market niche for experiential marketing and decided to grasp that opportunity to give this solution. With the progressive growth of the industry, True Blaq has also grown exponentially through ensuring quality delivery in its marketing and promotion campaigns, as well as enhancing customer experiences. They offer a unique creative touch to an event and guarantee an unforgettable experience each time. True Blaq was voted s one of the best companies in Kenya in the latest rankings.

  1. Quipbank Trust Limited

Quipbank Trust Limited is an equipment bank that does both rental and sales options for clients. It has in store all the equipment for whichever work one intends to do ranging from construction to automotive, agriculture, trailers and even trucks. Clients are given the convenience of dealing with a trusted solution provider as opposed to blindly doing a search for them. They also provide efficiency in terms of payment, so that all transactions are done according to plan. The company offers the largest equipment platform in East Africa and has partnered with different national and multinational companies across the region.

Quipbank Trust Limited offices on Mombasa Road
Quipbank Trust Limited offices on Mombasa Road
  1. Rural Distributors Enterprises LTD

Rural Distributors Enterprises LTD, as the name suggests, is a transport and general service-oriented company that specializes in delivering goods in the East African belt and the horn of Africa. With the main operation areas in Kenya and Somalia, the company is one of the leading distributors in the region. They specialize in the distribution of all types of goods and will deliver to your desired destination within the agreed time. They also operate their services for both corporate and individual businesses across the region.

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  1. Orange Pharma LTD

Orange Pharma LTD is one of the country’s top distributing companies for pharmaceutical products. It also distributes household goods across the country. Since its inception in 2011, the company has made it its mandate to provide state-of-the-art distribution of quality pharmaceutical products to vendors. As a prime service, they ensure astute punctuality in all their deliveries and follow the requirements stipulated under their operations accord. They are located in Industrial area Nairobi, just 15 kilometres from the central business district, off Baba Dogo road.

  1. Professional Digital Systems LTD (PDSL)

PDSL is a Kenyan based tech company that specializes in a range of services and products, including Fintech solutions and innovative business systems. The main idea behind its formation is to ease the way companies transact their day-to-day business. Among the solutions include vending solutions, power solutions, including solar installation and power line construction, etc. PDSL is committed to hosting, developing, designing, integrating and supporting systems through their state-of-the-art tech prowess.

  1. ASA Limited

ASA Limited is a Kenyan company that supports SMEs through providing loans and business coaching. The company is an affiliate of ASA International and was officially established in Kenya in the year 2013. As of 2018, the company had already established 70 branches across the country, with 20 counties benefiting directly from the services offered. Some of their locations include Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Nyandarua, Kajiado, Laikipia, Machakos, Murang’ a, Kisii, Makueni, Embu, Tharakanithi, Kitui, Bomet, Nyeri, Kirinyanga, Migori, Kericho, Uasin Gishu, Trans-Nzoia, and Meru. As of today, they have more than 70,000 native borrowers in Kenya.

  1. Kurrent Technologies LTD (KTL)

KTL is a Kenyan company that provides engineering solutions to clients. It offers both consultative solutions and broad engineering services for its local and international clients. Some of the projects they have undertaken so far include Feed for Fuel Field Development, South Lokichar, Turkana County, White Oil Pipeline from Mombasa to Nairobi, inland petroleum depot, and the LPG import storage facility in Mombasa Kenya. Other services they undertake include training, due diligence, feasibility studies, and risk assessment.

  1. Dakawou Transport Limited

DTL is a Kenyan company that specializes in the transportation of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and other petroleum products. It partners with some of the biggest oil retailing and trading companies in East Africa, including Oil Libya, Shell, KenoKobil, among others. the company has branches in strategic regions including Eldoret, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Mombasa.

  1. Spic and Span Cleaning Services LTD

Spic ‘n’ Span is a cleaning services company that offers a myriad of services to its clients. it was founded by Susan Mwenda, a former TSC teacher, in 1999. Since then, it has become the standard measure for cleanliness across different companies. She decided to start a cleaning company following an experience she had in the UK. She laments that “public places were so clean one would want to eat on them.” Through this motivation and the experience she had received, Susan decided to launch her own company and quit her teaching job.

  1. Questworks Limited

Questworks LTD is the brainchild of former Strathmore University personnel who were working under the University’s Estates Department. Their motivation to form an independent company was informed by the work they had just completed in the 233,577 sq.ft phase III expansion at Strathmore University. In a bid to retain all the superb staff that had worked together in the project, they decide to form Questworks, under the leadership of Dr Raul Figueroa. Today, the company is home to more than 130 top-notch engineers, technicians, and engineers.

  1. Sheffield Steel Systems LTD

Sheffield is a Keyan company that specializes in the production and installation of steel products in kitchens, laundry places, and even hotels. Through its deep-seated experience in the steel industry, the company delivers a full steel experience in the kitchen, or any other area clients need. If you visit their website, you will have a look at the products and services offered by the company.

  1. Bella Safaris LTD

Bella Safaris is a tour and transit company that is situated in Nairobi. The company offers several services including local tourism, honeymoon planning, events, and getaways. Their professionalism and state-of-the-art customer service set them aside as one of the most reliable tours company in the country today. You can also find a myriad of hotel and accommodation solutions for various destinations, both locally and internationally.

  1. Isolutions Associates LTD

Isolutions falls in the list of top 100 companies in Kenya. It is an ICT company that offers solutions in data security. It works with both individuals and corporates who have data storage systems. Some of the areas under consideration include Banks, public sectors, manufacturing, and telcos. their services include network security solutions, forensic investigations, and data security.

  1. Myspace Properties LTD

Myspace Properties is the number one property management company in the country. If you are looking for a space to rent, then Myspace is your go-to company. They also help their clients sell properties and negotiate payments on their behalf. You can rent an office space, an apartment, a house or even buy one for your activities. Once on their website, you can place an order for whatever service you need in terms of property management, and you will be sorted.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Myspace Properties, Mwenda Thuranira  and some of their clients celebrating their success
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Myspace Properties, Mwenda Thuranira and some of their clients celebrating their success
  1. Melvin Marsh International LTD

Melvins Marsh is a Kenyan family company that sells its products both locally and internationally. The company began in 1995 selling Melvins flow salt and has progressed to the production of flavoured teas under the brand Melvin tea.

  1. Victoria Courts Trading LTD

Victoria Courts is a well-known company in Kenya today, thanks to their state-of-the-art furniture and home equipment. Apart from the elegant stores, they have across the country in popular malls, the company also runs an e-commerce website where they sell their products exclusively to their customers. You will find a wide range of home products, including cool beds, recliner chairs, among others.

  1. Eco Steel Africa LTD

Eco Steel is one of the manufacturing companies in Kenya that specializes in steel products. It offers an innovative building solution to its clients through advanced steel technology. The company is based in Nairobi and transacts business all days of the week except weekends. 18. General Cargo Services LTD General Cargo LTD is a logistics company that helps its clients in the transportation of goods to various destinations. The company operates under the MSC brand with branches across the country. Apart from transportation, they also offer consultation services to clients on the most effective ways to get their cargo across destinations.

  1. Imexolutions Limited

Imexolutions is a power systems company that offers solutions related to power systems across Kenya. The company has evolved over the years and has now become one of the most trusted power services solutions in the country.

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