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By Melvin Sharty , Sierra Leone

This article is the outcome of my Community Solutions Program Leadership Institute Training (CLI) course work and the ongoing leadership coaching receive from Deidre Combs on Ethical Leadership. I would like to share my personal takeaways from those lessons, and how they can be applicable to developing your skill as a leader.

I have had the opportunity to read two books by Deidre Combs; “Worst enemy Best teacher and “The Way of Conflicttogether with other supplementary resources. From my discussions with young leaders from around the world and Peer Accountability Learning groups, ETHICAL LEADERSHIP for me at the moment are a combination of courage, audacity-for doing something different, combined with an ability to draw people around you into your cause and helping those people to become deeper, more valuable versions of themselves through the work that you do together for a common purpose.

What then is Ethical Code of Conduct? Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt the ability of a small group of thoughtful community citizens to change the world. For that is the only way it has ever happened” To me, it is essential that a leader is humble and willing to serve first and lead second. Servant leadership is something I strive for because I believe that biblically we have been called to serve with compassion and without alternative motive of fame or glory.

The word I want to emphasize in that quotation is thoughtful! What is that thing that holds us together! Those that move/drive us! What defines your personal leadership brand, what makes us distinct from other people? What decisions do you make every day and what exacerbate us to make those informed decisions? Providing answers to those questions underscore the importance of maintaining an ethical code of conduct.

According to Deidre Combs; Consultant, speaker, and Leadership Coach, view ethical code of conduct as our believe systems, our values, mode of thinking that define and map out multidimensional leadership we need for success in careers, thriving communities and better world. Understanding these concepts will help us to make better decisions and give us better insights about building better relationship and committing yourself or the team to achieving set goals.

A code of ethics is the guideline that sets acceptable behaviors for a given group of people or profession. For example, athletics typically adhere to a code of ethics. Floyd Mayweather; when asked what is responsible for his undefeated career in boxing, he burst out and said; “I maintain the rules of the game! The support of my team” From Mayweather’s response, we understand that an ethical code of conduct is more or less a kind of set guidelines to which an individual holds himself winning the support of team members while translating and nurturing the teams’ vision into achievable goals.

ethics jdk Jubilant Stewards of Africa

Regardless of the level of education, or the career type of an individual, a code of ethics is a necessary tool for success in the 21st century .The values and morals incorporated into a code of ethics should be well thought out to ensure that the desired results are achieved. A designed personal code of ethics will translate an inspiring vision into a positive reputation for young entrepreneurs, civil activists etc , which increases opportunity and value partnership and professional development. A designed ethical code of conduct will help young professionals develop the following competencies

  1. Improvement in Performance: An ethical code of conduct improves a leader’s reputation and builds stronger community trust.
  1. Build trust and Expectations
  2. Emphasis Commitment: Keeps the ideal leader committed to the business plans and ideas….Win the commitment of every member in the team towards achieving set goals.
  3. Build Accountability and Transparency: Open room for trust, openness, honesty and kills corruption.


Without ethical code of conduct, there can be misunderstandings as to what skill one possesses and what is acceptable. If there are no standards in place, it can be very complex to staying true to oneself. A Japanese proverbs goes, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”


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