“Fellow Kenyans, Martin Luther King Jr once said that there comes a time when silence in considered an act of betrayal. Indeed many decades after he’s gone, the truth in these words remains irrefutably true. Let me conform to this statement and say that there is this particular issue in the history of our country that the past, the present and the future historians have always agreed on and will always agree on – the so called the POLITICS OF BETRAYAL in Kenya.

martha karua ei

And when the chapters of history books are opened in order to revisit this particular subject, one thing comes to mind, the unpaid political debts. And as one delves deeper into these chapters, s(he) realises that the community from where I emanate is given a whole chapter as one that has always borrowed “political loans” and failed to stick by the terms and conditions of the transaction. One does not need to be a scholar in matters history in order to be in a position to decipher what I’m trying to put across.

In sincere sense, just after the colonial power had exited the Kenyan political space and handed over the mandate of heralding the country’s affairs to Africans a year later, the local leaders/politicians began to hold each other with sheer scorn and with utter suspicion.

They began to create physical barriers and bounds of mistrust in their undertakings. A typical example of these “barriers” was constructed 3 years later at conference in Limuru – 1966 to be exact. In the meeting, the KANU delegates under the stewardship of the late president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, agreed unanimously to scrape off the single deputy party leader position and replace it with 8 deputy party leader positions forthwith.


In essence, this was in the full spirit of debilitating the then Vice President, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and to pummel him to political oblivion. He then resigned as an expression of dejection thereby forming the first post independence opposition party, KPU.

When Jaramogi’s name is mentioned, the memories of a man who fought vehemently and rallied support across the country to persuade the colonial masters to release Jomo Kenyatta, linger in our minds. When Moi regime was becoming a nuisance to nearly all Kenyans, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, shelved his ambition, campaigned ingenuously for the “wheelchaired” Kibaki until he won.

This was way back in 2002 and it was preceded by an MoU which stipulated that Raila would be made the prime minister upon formation of the government. This did not materialise and a year later, Raila and his cohort were sent packing.

In 2013, President Kibaki would have sponsored Raila to succeed him due to the latter’s willingness to share power with him after the 2007-2008 post poll mayhem. Instead, Kibaki’s underground machinations were geared towards Uhuru as his preferred successor. DP William Ruto is a leader who can walk the talk while seriously effecting his promises. This makes the Dynasties afraid of his presidency. William Ruto MUST defeat these Dynasties or else no other Tribe or Community will ever rule Kenya.


All these examples and others unmentioned, demystify absolutely that mine tribe has always been successful in safeguarding its own interest for the much coveted position. This is likely to be witnessed in 2022 where Kikuyu will try to gang up against William Ruto. However, just like the then Vice President, Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, who took much of his time to learn a lot in government and who managed to outmaneuver his GEMA critics and be able to manipulate a few crucial processes, the deputy president has mastered the art and he’s likely to come out victorious in the end.


Unlike Raila and his father, Ruto is a very humble leader even before his boss thereby winning his trust. Personally, I may not be comfortable with Ruto’s presidency but I think in paraphrasing Victor Hugo’s famous quote, he may be an idea whose time has come.”

Martha Karua
PL, NARC.God bless KENYA.God bless Dr.William Samoei Ruto.

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