Meet Mercy Njomo- Quipbank Trust Limited Facilities Manager

What is your name, where do you work and what position do you occupy there? What’s the business all about? What does it deal in? What makes your business unique?

My name is Mercy Wanjiku Njomo, I work at Quipbank Trust Limited Naivasha branch where I hold the position of Facilities Manager. Quipbank Trust Limited is an equipment bank which offers vehicles and equipment rental and sales options. It specializes in mining and construction equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive, trucks and trailers. It provides unique and creative solutions that meet clients’ expectations not only by realizing the business objectives but particularly by strict adherence to the ethical principles of equipment exchange. Quipbank, the E. Africa’s largest equipment sharing platform, has partnered with leasing companies across the region to dispose and rent surplus good quality used equipment. It has also partnered with local and regional banks to rent equipment of distressed firms to enable debt mitigation. It stocks assets from leading brands to offer efficient output and reduce the cost of construction and development of Africa. Quipbank is best poised to provide the highest quality rental machines and offering exceptional maintenance services towards customer satisfaction.

Mercy Njomo

2). What has been your greatest milestone and how did you come to achieve it? (Please be detailed with a personal example.) What lesson can people learn from this?

The greatest milestone yet has been, being able have the security report centralized. It was initially a challenge knowing the safety of all Quipbank branches and the assets in the yard, but with time we created a system where all reporting was conducted and well recorded. This was a challenge being that I have never worked in such an industry keeping in mind that this is the only equipment bank in the region and its business is different. I think everyone can learn that through persistence any structures can be created and implemented.

Quipbank Trust Limited offices on Mombasa Road
Quipbank Trust Limited offices on Mombasa Road

3). What has been your secret to building your career, business or wealth that you wish other Kenyans out there can learn from? How did you get where you are?
Humility and patience have been a virtue that I have always upheld. My work involves handling people and in that so many things can be said and done that can be frustrating but I learnt to absorb it all. I get to handle people who are also going through their life problems and through that it is constant reminder that everyone is doing their very best to achieve what they hope for.

4). From your personal experience, what is the secret to making it? Where do you think many Kenyans go wrong?

I believe persistence and having a teachable spirit is the only way to make it. We all keep learning every day from the everyday task and the people we associate with. People easily give up when it gets tough and when the circumstances don’t suit them.

5). What has been your biggest money mistake? What did you learn from this? (Please be detailed with a personal example.)

I once together with a personal friend ventured into a business and opened a stall at sunbeam. We were both employed at the time and evidently didn’t have enough time to be at the business. Let’s just say, we had made so many losses that we didn’t need to consult each other on the way forward. I learnt unless you are ready to fully commit to something, don’t even try to start it.

6). What has been your biggest loss in your career and what did you learn from this? (Please be detailed with a personal example.) How do you think losses should be handled or mitigated?

I once got a client who wanted to rent a few items from us, it was to be my first transaction and was looking forward to it. I took too long getting all the necessary documents together and in turn the client got impatient and opted to get the assets elsewhere. It taught me to learn the art of preparedness, opportunities are lost due to lack of readiness.

7). Looking back, if you were to start all over again, what are some of the things you’d do differently?

I really don’t think I would change anything. All my strengths and my shortcomings have gotten me to this point of life. I’m grateful for it all.

8). Which method do you use to save? Is it effective? How? Which method did you previously use that wasn’t effective?
With a group of friends, we have a Sacco where we save monthly which is money that is intended to be used in buying assets.

Jared Oluoch Oundo with Quipbank and VAELL leasing

9). Entrepreneurship versus employment: which one would you advocate for? Why?
I advocate for employment. It gives you space to grow as you venture into different departments and interact with various industries. However, I also think we are all built differently and everyone should be where they feel they excel.

10). What’s your parting shot? What is that heart advice that you have learned on life and money from other senior persons?
Put your trust in God and keep prayer works. Not everything or everyone that seems to be with you is for you. Discern who and what is meant for you and strive towards what you aspire to be as a person and as a professional.


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