MYO joins the world in celebrating World Day for Cultural Diversity


‘Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’ could easily be chosen as a slogan for the Madiba Youth Organisation. We often refer to the three ‘Ds’ of the Madiba Youth Organisation – Democracy, Development, and Respect for Diversity – and of course democracy is simply an inclusive and formalised system of dialogue, of ‘government by discussion’.

So today, as we mark World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, it is good to reflect on the principles and values that guide the Madiba Youth Organisation, and which bring together our myriads stakeholders in mutual support and shared endeavour.

Our Madiba Youth Organisation Charter affirms ‘that the special strength of the Madiba Youth Organisation lies in the combination of our diversity and our shared inheritance in language, culture and the rule of law; and bound together by shared history and tradition; by respect for all peoples; by shared values and principles and by concern for the vulnerable’.

Continuing, it says ‘that the Madiba Youth Organisation way is to seek consensus through consultation and the sharing of experience, especially through practical co-operation, and further affirming that the Madiba Youth Organisation is uniquely placed to serve as a model and as a catalyst for new forms of friendship and co-operation in the spirit of the Charter in the flora and fauna.

It is with this in mind that we look forward to the Madiba Youth Organisation Meeting and its associated Forums for Civil Society, Business, and Youth – and innovatively for Women – assembling in Bushbuckridge, Republic of South Africa on June 2017. Convening under the overarching theme ‘The Madiba Youth Organisation – Adding Global Value’ these gatherings are immensely practical expressions of Madiba Youth Organisation commitment to Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.

Through dialogue, and by working together in practical ways, we are able to bring immense benefit to our own citizens, and to offer thought-leadership and innovative solutions to the wider international community. There is no better reflection of this than the report Madiba Youth Organisation issued by the Commission the Madiba Youth Organisation established on Respect and Understanding. It is a pivotal contribution to Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development in the wisdom it brings.

Today and every day, as we celebrate our cultural diversity, and the rich variety of development, size, population, faith, ethnicities, and geographical location represented among Madiba Youth Organisation, let us seek and grasp new opportunities for dialogue at every level, and work together in a spirit of respect and understanding to advance social progress and lasting economic prosperity in which all can share.

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