Natural treatment for psoriasis and eczema

By Elah Wangu

There are some skin conditions that are not only uncomfortable to have but also hard to deal with. Being psoriatic if I may call it so I love to share my story. When it all began I had flakes all over my body from head to toe. For those of you who do not know what psoriasis is it is a medical condition that causes dead skin to build up on the normal skin surface. Something close to how eczema looks like. That means you depend on tropical ointments to manage the condition. These two skin conditions have some relation and there are some natural remedies that could work in managing the two conditions.

Being a condition that does not have cure I have been using these ointments for a long time until recently when my cousin helped me discover something. There is a natural treatment for the skin conditions like these and many more. Therefore if you are trapped in your own skin like I was some years back there is a way you could maintain it. I am not saying that this is the cure but these are some remedies you can try and see if they work on you.

You become what you eat. Diet is the secret to conquering some of these crazy conditions. Know which foods react with your skin so that you do not include those foods in your diet. For conditions like eczema and psoriasis one should keep off from sugary foods and dairy products. These foods contribute to inflammation and causes itchiness.

Take a lot of water to prevent your skin from drying. You need to keep your skin hydrated especially if it is during dry season. If you are in an office or at home use a humidifier to make sure that the air around you is moist. Again this helps your skin to remain intact without falling off all the time. If you have a sensitive skin make sure you use moisturizer to keep your skin humid.

Ensure that you use warm water to avoid irritate your skin. It helps in soothing your skin by using lukewarm water and removes the scales. Also milk and olive oil helps a lot and makes you not itch or scratch yourself. After showering use moisturizer to give you double benefits for your skin. Try not use hot water as it causes irritation.

Make sure you are not stressed out to reduce scales. There is a connection between stress eczema and psoriasis that no scientist has been able to explain. It turns out to be a vicious cycle and with time the condition could get worse. You can try to meditate as a way of reducing stress since this helps you connect with your inner thoughts which could make you lack piece of mind.

Turmeric is a natural healer for so many conditions. It helps in reducing the flakes and also minimizes the itch. It can be taken as powder whereby you mix with water and can also be taken as a pill. Do not make this decision alone let your doctor tell you if it will be beneficial or not. There is no particular method that is guarantees therefore explore your options. You could also try combining ginger, cinnamon and green tea in water and you take it with honey. It works in reducing itchiness to some people but if it does not work for you no need to force it.

These are not like the real deal because from time to time the condition could worsen and you will need to seek medical help but they are some practices you can try when you are not on medication and see if they work for you or a loved one. If none of these methods work for you consult your doctor to continue tropical ointments. Again joining organizations with people suffering from such conditions will help you restore your lost confidence.

The writer, Elah Wangu, is a Bachelor of Science in Media Studies graduate 

Elizabeth Agutu

Elizabeth Agutu

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