POEM:Tales Of Sorrow


By Jakoyo Sebastian

Locked in this bedroom

Of my round roofed house

Chewing cards of the past situations

Longing for tomorrow with great pesimism

I take my pipe and….

Just to steady my brain nerves

And freak off the fear in me

For this pipe makes me more sane

In this tension where tomorrow is untold

Situation down hear is unpredictable

Raining from dawn to dusk

But we still sweat profusely

With the BOOOM!! BOOM!! everywhere

Cloating our blood in our vains

The atmosphere is suffocating

Out there is a no go zone

Flooded with the modern matyres

Silenced by the nozzles of the riffles

The poet’s mind has become an oasis of thoughts

Thoughts flowing nonestop

Imitating the blood that is oozing out there

From the butchered bodies of the innocents

When did this fighting start

And when will it end

Why has humanity escaped us

And insanity ruled in replacement

Will peace ever prevail again

And conquer these war mongers

Who have burried their mercy deep down

Here upcountry

There is nothing to smile about

Gunshots fill the air

Tomorrow is a total mirage

It is boooom!! booom!! from dawn to dusk

Reducing innocent souls to dust

The Writer, Jakoyo Sebastian , is a Poet

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One thought on “POEM:Tales Of Sorrow

  • Jakoyo Sebastian
    February 11, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Thanks a lot to jubilant stewards for discovering my talent. More well written and captivating articles coming soon


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