PR & Communication Consultancy

Brands & Business Management

As a unit dedicated to the entire management of your brand, we see branding as a business which must be addressed and managed as such, with the primary objective of meeting the expectations of the brand custodians.

– All personnel in this unit do not only live the brand but also sleep the brand in order to keep our promise and that of the brand

Research & Evaluation

Our business is built around research from the point of the brief to the point of execution. We are constantly probing the brand(s) and the issues as well as the consumers to understand if what we are doing is moving us toward the desired goal

Financial Communications & Investor Relations

Investors are different kinds of consumers. We understand them, as well as the nation’s capital market and operators. This gives us the leverage to tailor our messages with available or created platforms to ensure that the expected bond between the client and the investing public remain mutual. Sometimes the investor needs more than just the figures to see the opportunities.

Concept Development:

We are constantly innovating to facilitate proper execution of our briefs. As a result of the dynamics of the marketplace, we have decided to go beyond the tradition to reach the consumer.


Media Relations/Content &Analysis:

We understand the media scene, and have a good rapport with the personnel – from Grassroots to Editors-In-Chief. We feed and source content from them as a way of getting feedback on consumers’ disposition to messages.

– Aside the traditional media, we create independent strategic platforms where we speak and hear from our target publics.

Consumer Nteract/Xchange:

The fragmentation of the consumer in the marketplace requires expertise in engagement. The message is better understood and we have instant feedback from them on the subject matter.


We develop & design

  • Business strategies and plans
  • Political strategies and citizen-oriented policy blueprints.
  • Brand strategies.

We help organizations to

  • create new products & services and extend existing ones
  • test product and service concepts
  • identify and leverage market trends

We help Staff organizations to

  • Understand company vision and culture.
  • Simplify processes creatively.
  • Generate ideas for enterprise development.

New Media


  • Deploy, monitor and manage social media initiatives.
  • Develop creative ways to talk to customers, employing language they understand.
  • Provide insight into how the market thinks using analytics.

Traditional Media

We help governments, institutions and corporations communicate with the public.

We develop intelligent solutions for public relations nightmares.

Our unique advantages

  • Young and
  • Personal touch to account management
  • Budget-friendly
  • Deep understanding of the business
  • Very passionate
  • Responsive turnaround time
  • (we work with the Clients’ time)

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