Quipbank launches reggae trucks to lower cost of transport and living

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Poor-quality roads and weak transport infrastructure have long been an issue for trade, and are considered prime reasons for the region’s low level of competitiveness. In response to this, Quipbank Trust Limited, E. Africa’s largest equipment sharing platform, has launched 4×4 trucks dubbed reggae to aid in transportation of goods especially in rough and bumpy. They have been named reggae due to their strong quality, a distinguishing factor that makes them suitable for any terrain. The 13 ton GT300 and GT 500 trucks are able to move on rough roads without affecting their alignment. The sales and rental firm says that these trucks will reduce the losses incurred by businessmen while transporting their cargo from one location to the other. With advent of reggae it is expected the cost of transporting goods will come down with at least 30% and therefore the cost of goods and living to also come down especially this time when the economy is facing various challenges.


“With reggae we expect to ease the cost of doing business. A majority of the roads in Kenya are in sorry states and very bumpy. When you drive on these roads, you feel like you are dancing because you sometimes jump up and down in a rhythmic manner which is not a fun thing if it happens unintentionally. Such roads hurt the economy and that is why we came with these products to ease transportation of goods across the country. These trucks are able to withstand such roads,” said John Mogire, Quipbank’s Commercial Director.

John Mogire, the Commercial Director of Quipbank Trust Limited hands over leased units to one of their clients
John Mogire, the Commercial Director of Quipbank Trust Limited hands over leased units to one of their clients

High cost of doing business in Kenya can be attributed to poor road quality.  Transporters say that they have been spending a lot of money and time hauling goods from one location to the other. The extra expenses the transporters incur in hauling the goods are transferred to the end user consumer to cover the costs. With the reduced cost of transport it is expected that the cost of commodities will also be cheaper.


Commenting on this new truck, John Mogire, said, “Convenience plays a very important role in providing delightful services and ensuring peace of mind to motorists and goods owners. Our aim is to help transporters overcome challenges on our roads and offer vehicles that can withstand bumpy roads.”

Rough roads can easily affect vehicle’s alignment. Truck’s alignment is not only an important key to its quality of drivability and safety but also to the life of the tyres. Most of the roads across the nation, whether Trunk A roads, Trunk B or Trunk C , D or E, are in decadent state, and there is hardly any part of the country that can boast of decent motorable roads.

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Quipbank Trust Limited is an equipment bank which offers vehicles and equipment rental and sales options. It specializes in mining and construction equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive, trucks and trailers. It provides unique and creative solutions that meet clients’ expectations not only by realizing the business objectives but particularly by strict adherence to the ethical principles of equipment exchange.

Quipbank, the E. Africa’s largest equipment sharing platform, has partnered with leasing companies across the region to dispose and rent surplus good quality used equipment. It has also partnered with local and regional banks to rent equipment of distressed firms to enable debt mitigation. It stocks assets from leading brands to offer efficient output and reduce the cost of construction and development of Africa. Quipbank is best poised to provide the highest quality rental machines and offering exceptional maintenance services towards customer satisfaction. It has entered into agreements with international firms such as Faspol from Poland, Achelis, SREI from India, Atlas Copco from Sweden and South Africa’s Hydraform to display and sell equipment on their behalf.




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