QuipBank rolls out vehicle financing for CRB-listed clients

In a global emergent trend, companies and financial institutions can have you listed as a loan defaulter for not paying your loans, settling your store account, credit card, debt in good time or even paying utility bills such as water or electricity. Such listings may remain on your record for between 3 and 10 years, even if you manage to clear up all of your debts. A Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) listing can affect your chances of buying anything on credit.

Ex-lease trucks for sale
Ex-lease trucks for sale

Is it possible to be blacklisted without being aware? In 2016, many farmers in Bura and Hola irrigation schemes were blacklisted due to inability to pay because of a failed harvest which was beyond their control. If you are listed with CRB it is very difficult or even unmanageable to convince any registered financial institution to finance you because you have been classified as a risky client.

Quipbank Trust Limited sells trucks and equipment on credit. As the only equipment bank in the region it has found of late a number of applicants are capable of repaying but upon a search, they find the clients been listed in CRB. Some debts may be huge to repay at once, yet the vehicle repayment is much smaller. Quipbank is starting the program off with 13 ton trucks as it has determined this is an underserved market.

A commercial vehicle earns you money that assists you to repay your debt. Persons listed with Credit Reference Bureau may even struggle to open a bank account or get a job in some countries. Having a means to pay grants you a financial freedom. You need to grab the offer by powering your way to financial freedom with the 13 ton trucks which are being disposed off without a CRB check.


“We are committed to offer clients the most flexible payment terms in the market. Clients that are listed by Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) but have a solid contract need not to worry. All they need is to pay a deposit of 50 per cent and hit on the road with the truck of their choice. Under this arrangement clients can Rent to Own the truck and clear the balance within 24 months,” said Quipbank Trust Limited Commercial Director, John Mogire.

The company has put 50 trucks on the sell program, with already 10 being snapped up within the week. This kind of financing is expected to boost asset acquisition and clients’ business overall growth irrespective of their past loan history and enable them secure contracts.


Quipbank Trust Limited is an equipment bank which offers vehicles and equipment rental and sales options. Quipbank specialize in mining and construction equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive, trucks and trailers. It provides unique and creative solutions that meet clients’ expectations, not only by realizing the business objectives, but particularly by strict adherence to the ethical principles of equipment exchange. The short- rentals firm has been partnering with leasing companies across the region to dispose and rent surplus good quality used equipment. It has also partnered with local and regional banks to rent equipment of distressed firms to enable debt mitigation. The renting firm stocks assets from leading brands to offer efficient output and reduce the cost of construction and development of Africa. Quipbank is best poised to provide the highest quality rental machines and offering exceptional maintenance services towards customer satisfaction. It has partnered with international firms to display and sell equipment on their behalf such as Faspol from Poland, Achelis and Schmitz Cargo Bull from Germany, SREI from India, Atlas Copco from Sweden and Hydra form in South Africa.

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