Remove the Top KCPE girl from limelight-She is NOT a social celebrity

By Nazlin Umar

I urge the parents of #GoldalynKakuya now to remove their brilliant child from limelight. Enough said and done. Too much actually.

She is NOT a social celebrity but a child whose life has barely begun. Primary education is the most elementary level of school let her concentrate on her studies.

Too much media focus (celebrity status) will and surely already has affected her negatively. Time will tell. A feeling of premature fulfillment or false accomplishment. How will she settle for less. How will she settle on not being able to settle for less. Why didn’t they consider all this? Those pushing it for personal reasons/gains should stop it or be told to stay away from her.


The bar may have been set too high for her to achieve. What if she gets an 80% now? She may crash. She did well because she led an average life out of the medium. It may shock us when we review her two years from today. This is not real.

Its the load and stock of all this, that harms. All this going on is unique to her growing naive mind and its coming without any counselling or insulation. Trouble brewing.


I also ask her parents to be careful with her. She is a pretty girl. Protect your daughter. Let us not hear an year from today ati “Ooooh sikujua huyo mheshimiwa atamfanya mtoto wetu hivyo…! Better safe than sorry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Its almost already bordering on child abuse. All the best our sweet daughter. Keep it up!

She scored an impressive 99 in English and Kiswahili, followed by Science 88, Mathematics 85 and Social Studies and Religion 84 respectively.

Nazlin Umar is Former presidential candidate Kenya

President and CiC 2022
Global leader
President of the caucus of independent candidates of Kenya.

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