Sierra Leone should utilize its vast mineral resources to create jobs

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By Bob Josiah Reffell, Sierra Leone

It is from a logically sound reasoning that I have decided to question the relevance of having plethora Minerals upon us as a Country, when some years after celebrating the Jubilee of our emancipation as a nation, the Minerals within our country are yet to be evident upon the country and its people generally.

In my submission, it is unnecessary to have all these Mineral elements if 50 years on we still cannot amass wealth from them that can transform our nation and our people.


Irrefutably, my reasoning is backed by the fact that our Minerals are yet to reflective upon our Health System, road network, energy distribution, water services and employment opportunities for the working class.


Minerals like Bauxite, Gold, Rutile et al, no Sierra Leonean should go to bed on a hungry tummy, indulge in Criminal activities, risk “Temple Run” or result to prostitution because our Minerals should be able to sustain every Sierra Leonean.

By this time next year, one of the Aspirants from the three main Political Parties running for the 2018 elections would be Commander in Chief and by implication would oversee the Minerals possibly within the country.

Interestingly, having listened to most of what they wish to do post their election as Commander In Chief, I am yet to be convinced that the plethora available Minerals would benefit Sierra Leoneans must they assume the most envious position within the jurisdiction because the three fore runners are yet to clearly dilate on how our prided Minerals would be used post their election as President.

Thus I question the necessity of having the Minerals if it is yet to contribute to the development of the country and the general populace up till now.

In my opine however, since past Governments have tried other means (such as relying on donors in order to seek revenue for the Country), we should turn towards the relevant Minerals that would add to the GDP of the Country.

Recently, Sierra Leone mining operation discovered a 476-carat rough diamond at the Meya deposit in the nation’s Kono district.

Meya Mining, a subsidiary of Namibia-based conglomerate Trustco Group, discovered the diamond, which ranks as the fifth-largest rough ever found in Sierra Leone, according to Rapaport records.

“Any value indication of the diamond is pure speculation at this stage, as the diamond has not yet been examined and assessed by the necessary experts,” Trustco said.

Meya holds a four-year exclusive diamond-exploration license in the Kono district. It discovered the stone in an area spanning from the Kamara Gbense to the Tankoro chiefdoms, and intends to sell it through an international auction, the parent company explained.


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