Song of a watchman

By Ayieko Jakoyo

Here am to stay,from dawn to dawn

Braving the sturbbon cold of the season

Dreading the magics of the unpredictable nights

Sorrounded by all odds of the night

Where the land,silent as the matyrs’ grave

But still i like this golden precious job

For it puts a plate of ugali on my table

Where i eat like a king in my own jungle

Am here to stay

An armed watchman resting as he waits for dusk, to start working
An armed watchman resting as he waits for dusk, to start working


All through the night,am always awake

Watching the undying beauty of nature

The beautiful stars and the charming moon

Their light heals me from the pains of the day

As I watch over my master’s ‘gold mines’

The moon watches over me

Giving me a doubted sense of security

In this dreading night,full of all odds

But a question stirs in my mind

Who is watching over my home?

Stars and moon before the dark reigns
Stars and moon before the dark reigns

Late in the sweet dreadful night

Am stolen by Mr sleep and taken to slumber land

Where a dream of fantasy runs through my mind

As I count¬†“my wealth” which am watching over

I call my sons in this sweet royal dream

And share out my riches!

Before the dream is cut short by the masters vehicle

Vuuuuuuuum! Vuuuuuuuuuum!

What! I wake up the poor watchman again!


Ayieko jakoyo

Ayieko jakoyo

Ayieko Jakoyo is a seasoned writer and a poet in both English and Kiswahili(Ushairi). Having learnt in a rural or rather village primary and secondary school, I took my time to interact with various people in the society based on age and gender. My writing has been shaped by the daily occurances in the typical African society My literary star was lit and brightened by the famous poet Robert Frost. I loved his wordplay and how he addressed concrete issues through poetry. I always lived to write and sell out as he did in his time. I deeply got into writing when my article "Girl child's plea" did well in the 2009 National music festival for secondary schools. When I joined The university of Eldoret, I joined the C. O. F. F. E. E which is an association for the lovers of art and the BRIDGE campus magazine. Since then my poetry is doing well on various platforms. I have also joined jubilant stewards of Africa and I am looking forward to give my readers the best. Check my wordpress, for more articles. Find me on Fb as Ayieko Jakoyo And twitter as Jakoyo_jnr

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