Stranger in My Mirror

The stranger in my mirror

You don’t talk my talk

Your emotions are undulant

Still you don’t walk my walk


The friends I walk with, we the same

They lie, they sin, they love and cheer

And when defeated, it’s such a shame

In troubled time, they feed me the lies I need to hear


The stranger in my mirror

You may be real and kind

You might be evil or good

But you are not my kind

I cannot tell what controls you have

In what god’s you believe


The men I walk with, we alike

Broken, bitter and sad they may be

Curse, break rules and protest they might

But at least they understand and see the things I see

In my existential life, my endless sea


The stranger in my mirror

I can neither feel nor read your heart

And here I stand glaring at your deceptive smile

Before I lose myself in the twinkling of your eyes

Tell me, who could you be?

Allan Njoorah

Allan Njoorah

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