Strength of a woman

The rate of women committing suicide to men is always lower. In fact, a good number of men who have committed suicide during gambling is higher. This does not mean that it only men who loose but women. The problem is most men do not share or speak up when faced with problems. In Africa, if you are told ‘be a man’, that means, compose yourself when something is wrong. Do not cry.

The tenderheartedness of women has always been defined as being weak when it is not. They will shade tears, some will talk and after that, they will have released the burden they had in their chest. This has made many of them to move on with life when things go wrong hence breaking their heart.


A nurse from Jaramogi Referal Hospital, during the women conference, talked about how women are stronger than men. She gave a statistics that babies born premature, especially during six months of pregnancy, the chances of girls to survive is higher than that of baby boys. In a simple term, she said that women have strong genes than men even though men are strong physically.

Looking at the roles women play at home, they can multi-task compared to men. This observation I have seen even at our home, whereby, my mother sometimes is cooking when on phone and my dad ask her to give him water to drink. My mother called me and gave me the water and she continued with her chore. One day, my father was boiling milk while reading a newspaper in the kitchen. Guess what, the kitchen was in a mess with smoke and I had to run to the kitchen only to find him concentrating on the newspaper. He was shocked  and very sorry.

Also widows living with HIV/AIDS are very healthy and careful with their lives while widowers living with the virus, many of them do give up and live carelessly. Many of them do not survive after loosing their wives and they also die after a short period of their beloved one’s death.

Many husbands, when their wives are not around, household chores stops since it is very hard for them. The wife will come back from where they went and find their home in a mess, lest house help was employed. Preparing children to go to school, pick them from school and take care of them becomes even hectic. Some will prefer taking their children to their relatives for the period their wives are not around. Or another option is bringing a relative who will take care of them. It is not that they are lazy, they have no strength to do that.

The young Euphemia Omondi of Masai Mara University drives tractors to pay her school fees. She works hard without bothering her mum

Women can endure starving or rather staying hungry. Men cannot survive without food, that is why its is said that the only way to get into a man’s heart is through stomach. They cherish food and there is always a thin line between hunger and anger. I have noticed this character from my father and brother.  When they have eaten, they can now smile and entertain jokes, unlike when hungry.

African farmer

Research has shown that women performs well in languages and they are very fluent speakers compared to men. Therefore, they can easily express their feelings and explain every situation without difficulty. They have good communication skills hence they very social beings. A woman hugging a fellow woman or telling her fellow ‘I love you, I miss you’ is very normal due to their communication skills and social ability unlike men.

That is why it is always being said that what a man can do, a women can do it better. I am not practicing feminism, I am appreciating their unique abilities in the society.




Owino Irene

Owino Irene

Irene Owino is a student in Moi University pursuing Linguistics Media and Communication. She also serves as one of the editors at Jubilant Stewards of Africa

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