That’s Life For You

By Adeline Omwaka

Life is indeed full of surprises, and if you never experience any surprises you probably in another planet. Most are the time what we expect contradicts with what actually happens. Life is always open to present us with challenges. Being open-minded about what may become of a situation is always an encouragement for us to be bolder in tempting situations. Sometimes the challenges presented to us corner us in a way that we almost give up on life.

Fortunately, being optimistic about what life actually trains us to be is all that matters. It equips us with a unique sense of boldness and strength to overcome anything; in relation to God assigning strong battles to strong people. Life without challenges would be first exciting. But there is more to life than a smooth flow. But truth be told, a perfect life is another sweet fiction tale. All this would become monotonous. We need something to put us back on track whenever we go astray, and that’s life for us.

An interesting fact about life is that it does not care about you; how you feel, the weight of burdens it makes you carry or even the outcome of circumstances it puts you in to. But wait, life does not have feelings since it’s not a living thing; so we can never blame it. Pointing fingers and laying blame on others is a big step back towards overcoming life itself. Life is more of you knowing your identity and believing in your own potential. If you are undergoing any crisis in life, nobody will ever come to your rescue. This may sound like a disclaimer, but tell you what, the truth hurts. Only you can rescue your own self.

Being a lover of quotes and motivation, I love one Willys Raburu; a Citizen TV personality. He clearly points out that ‘successful people look like you’. However way you perceive it; whether true or false, you are both right. Before you can be anything, you first need to have thought about it. The greatest way you can be successful is by first believing you can be successful. This is by decreeing success and achievements in your life by acknowledging yourself as a success. You should believe that you look like success, rather, successful people look like you.

Life in itself calls for an optimistic and open-minded mind that is able to be psyched up even if life corners them, expecting either sides of the coin of life outcomes. People who believe in their own potential to do something regardless of the circumstances, who perceive challenges to be stumbling blocks and bridges towards excellence. You need the mentality that excellence is only a few steps from your challenges, therefore never give up. You have come too far to only just be this far and to give up; you need to keep going. Life calls for boldness. Even in strong trials, a bold soul can still smile and say ‘it is well with my soul’ knowing that everything happens for good for those who love God, and that challenges are not permanent in this world. Lamentations and despair have never been the best ammunitions to fight challenges in life, all you need to do is remain positive and focused. It is in this way that your perspective about challenges will begin to change.

Taking the case of a bicycle, the cyclist puts a lot of efforts to keep peddles rotating in order to propel the bicycle especially in ascending hilly areas. This is depicted as a challenge since a lot of energy and desperation to cross the hilly slope is relatable. However, once on the top of the slope, all the cyclist needs to do is relax and let the bicycle freely pedal itself once on the other descending side of the hill. Continuous efforts of peddling strongly propel the bicycle and the cyclist can relax for a while. Life without challenges would be boring, we sure need something to keep us on the lookout. Unless you walk a very long distance that makes your legs to swell, you may never understand the importance of having vehicles.

God had no business creating human beings without a purpose. You are in this life with a purpose. We all are wonderfully and fearfully made, unique in our own ways. Seize your uniqueness and nurture what you can do. Running away from challenges is never a solution neither is complaining about them. Don’t make your comfort zone your comfort. If you need to achieve something, you first need to step out of your old zone of comfort. Looking for success is not a zone for comfort. After all, we can do everything through Christ who strengthens us.


Charity Mbithe

Charity Mbithe

A student of Communication and Journalism. Social Media Intern at People Daily. I take each day at a time. Happiness defines me and exploring is my slogan. I love life

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