That’s Life for You

Life is indeed full of surprises and sometimes if not all the times, what we so much expect is not what we may end up getting at the end of the day. Friends, life has a way of hitting us back right on our faces. Ever heard of people saying” Hii maisha ni ngumu sana” or maybe ”Nimechoka na maisha“(am tired with life), and you think it’s a joke??

At that opportune moment when you are expecting an A then you get a D, that’s when you come to terms with the above statements.

All these surprises are what we call challenges. Given an opportunity to choose to live life free of challenges, I am quite sure all of us would say yes without hesitating. Unfortunately, such a thing can only happen in a fictional tale. Coming back to our world of reality, life itself is incomplete without challenges, these two are inseparable. This is the bitter truth we are faced with as long as we are still the inhabitants of this planet earth.

This therefore means, we need to have a more appropriate way of looking at life.

One thing I have discovered  is that life will neither pity you or have mercy on you, Ooh yes, life does not know you my pal, the two of you are not relatives, if you were then we wouldn’t’ be talking of life’s surprises today.

Every day just like  Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu, I keep telling people that ‘Successful people look like you’, well, most of them laugh at that and give me “wacha jokes” kind of a look. But seriously,, those are the kind of words we ought to speak to our lives every now and then.

Life needs people with optimistic mind sets, people who are not afraid of mishaps, people who are able to say ‘I can do this’ no matter how tough the situation appears to be, people who say to themselves everything happens for the good for those who love God. People who are not faced with challenges but are faced with bridges to their success. Yes I am talking about  the kind of people who are probably shedding tears of pain but can manage to say its well with my soul. Lamentations  and despair have never been the best ammunitions to fight challenges in life, all you need is  to remain positive and focused, that way, your perspective about challenges will begin to change.

You will begin to understand that challenges are only there to propel us towards the achievement of our goals, and that they only act as stepping stones and not obstacles to our success. Come to think of it, if we had no challenges at all in this life, would there be any innovations or inventions??Would they??Unless you walk a very long distance that makes your legs to swell, you may never understand the importance of having vehicles, bicycles,etc. Do you now get my point friends, there is no need of being suicidal, desperate,, or  disillusioned, challenges are there to make you win.

You were never created to be useless and hopeless, my God would never do that for sure. Just look at how unique you are, there is this one thing that you can do but your neighbor can never try doing them. You are unique uniquely,, you were wired for victory because God will never create a loser but instead He will equip you with enough resources to achieve your dreams. You are a great person and this is not propaganda friend, it’s the plain truth. And so the earlier you stop shedding tears over spilled milk, the better and maybe it’s only by doing that that you are going to get milk or substitute.

Don’t run away from challenges and stop complaining every now and then, that will not help, you are only becoming a nuisance to those around you. Arise!! Dear Friend with confidence for we can do everything through Christ who strengthens us. The challenge you are facing has a solution but it’s up to you to make a bold step, get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box.

I will be back soon to tell you more about life.

All the best !!!


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