The Cry of a widow

By Eunice Owuor

eunice owuor

Everything is dawning on her and she can’t stand it anymore, she gathered courage to cry out so she can be heard. When she recalls her birthday, she cries because now she’s as beautiful as an old granny yet she’s not yet 60 years. She has been tortured, her value is diminishing, and she is not her worth.

She has treasure, numbers, and wealth and can stand on her own but they won’t give her a chance, they won’t let her. She is crying but no one listens to her silent cries, no one cares to give her a listening ear because they are busy snatching for themselves. Greed, selfishness and discrimination have spoilt everything. Has made her weep without ceasing. There’s no justice, no mercy left in people.

She never saw it coming. Her fiancé died before they could build on their marriage. Like any other widower, she moaned for her dead fiancé and got in love again. She wanted to complete what she had started with her late lover and build on his generation. She had no experience in heart breaks until she was heartbroken. Her husband never respected her much but she believed that one day he would change. Instead of changing he kept hurting her until she decided to leave him. She had a bleeding heart and needed a shoulder to lean on, someone to comfort her. She had no female friends to talk to.  Luckily, she met another man who promised to be by her side.


She gave out her heart since when she was given her freedom to do as she wishes for her self-growth and development. She gave her heart out to be loved truly, cared for and treated like a real woman. She was beautiful, young and so rich in knowledge due to what she learnt when she was still younger. She had hopes that finally she would be loved just like any other beautiful woman, respected and be treated like a queen because she was indeed a princess. Like any other love tale, she was promised true love, respect, care and responsibility by her fiancé.

The man was good and actually helped her heal and build her. Unfortunately, the man started changing against her. Giving lame excuses for his offences. This time she was wise, she had a few females around to share her sorrows with. She had also learnt from her previous relationship and did not wait to be told so she left the man for another one who was even younger than the others. She did not know that the man who inexperienced when it comes to relationships but since she wanted a lover, to help her move on, she gave in easily.

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It never lasted long when she started complaining. No respect, no love, no care, nothing. The man was snatching her wealth that she had accumulated all along and building himself. She has no strength to cry for what is rightfully hers because she was warned if she does she’ll be no more. She has since then been watching having no one to help her.

She is contemplating on whether to move on or just stay. How will she move on? Whom will she run to? She has no parents no relatives around. Her age mates are prospering well in their marriages. She feels ashamed to even face them even going on a lady’s out. What will she do?


She’s crying to anyone who’s reading this to kindly help her. How will she be helped? Let’s hold hands together, let’s stay together and pray together irrespective of our clans, families, tribes, classes, colors. Let no one corrupt your mind, to hate each other. You have six senses, so use them all. If you chase someone else, where do you want them to go? This is everyone’s home and origin. When chasing them, you yourself are you worth staying around? What makes you think so? Do you own the place? Remember the rent you pay should be kindness; be kind to everyone around you. That’s the rent you have to pay for occupying that particular place.

Jared Oundo visits a widow in Mau Narok

Our mother is soon breaking her relationship. She’s been through a lot because we haven’t been there to listen to her story. She needs us more than ever. We shouldn’t let her die because we’ll lose our home, where will we go to? Make a wise decision on how to help her out. Don’t follow people blindly; everyone was born alone so never depend on them. Make your own decision. I repeat. We need sanity, we need to revive ourselves. Listen to your mother’s cry, if you really love her, you’ll fight for her.

Eunice Owuor

Eunice Owuor

Eunice Owuor is a contributor with Jubilant Stewards of Africa

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