The Second Chance

By Maureen Wilson


“You are so down today! I clearly notice that.” A dear friend to my dear friend remarked while I served them hot tea yesterday late night. I replied that I had symptomatic Malaria throughout the day with a rejoinder ‘Nyasaye mwene’ . In my local dialect the latter is an ‘acronymic’ declaration to show total surrender, affirmation, conformation to The Almighty God and His will. No more or less to be discussed upon an issue once you declare it… c’est ‘finito. As I lay down my couch I hoped for a very peaceful and painless night sleep. Waking up at 6 am, chanting a thanksgiving prayer and subsequently tuning a gospel radio amazingly I felt refreshed! The agony had subsided and at no point did I However obediently taking my medication am now rejoicing the day that Lord has made.

Do you recall how many times or the occasions you’ve been given a second chance by parents, family, friends, peers, any other person in your social sphere? I can’t put a value on it either. Now let’s put God into the equation. Is it complex now? (smiley) Everything becomes extremely interesting and wonderful simply because the nature of God absolutely surpasses human understanding and He has never flaunted or purported to do so. What shall we say then?


I affirm John 3:16 in the same breath since God has deliberated UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR HUMANITY. All you got to do is surrender to His will for you the same way nature does when He says, “Let there be abundance.” So to speak in all circumstances give thanks continually and declare ‘Abba, Father not what I want but what you want.’ In this case we therefore draw closer to God and our relationship gets boosted to another progressive notch.

God of second chance

When given a second chance or rather when we ask for one what actually transpires in our hearts, minds and souls? Personally, I particularly get overwhelmed emotionally bearing in mind that I do not even deserve half a second chance after all the mess. Though human is to err, it really takes a ‘strong’ person to forgive and give second chances but that is after some considerations or conditions. I honestly thank God for such people. Sometimes I find myself in a case scenario where I have to contemplate on this.


I feel that I can’t let it go so I hold onto the helms of the pain inside me deferring forgiveness however this eventually induces more harm than what I had bargained for. This is the worst part. So sad that one has to get a toast of double trouble in such an inhibitive manner. Now I remember being advised by the Bible to forgive as many times as I can while considering the fact that when I don’t, let me expect forgiveness neither from man nor God. (sigh!) Ooops! The Buck Ends Here.

God of second chance eoe
What we ought to learn from God is His Fatherly care and the desire to see His love for us sustained and prospering in abundance. Back it up again, I, Moe desire to witness my love for God and humanity being sustained and prospering abundantly, Oh Yes! That is why He provides for all regardless of all that matters and what doesn’t. “What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.” John 13:7 Jesus says, “What I’m doing in your life you may not understand now but, one day, I’ll give you the full picture.” Below are the elements of ‘the second chance’ that gives it the USP- unique selling point by default.
• Love – it is an act of love to forgive and give a second chance
• Forgiveness – finding the heart to forgive is essential and practicing mercy is prime key
• Repentance – acknowledging and accepting mistakes sets the pace
• Self- improvement – there is room for improvement, change and scaling up our characters, personalities and attitude
• Relationship – all parties get to model and foster a brand new relationship
• Peace – above all we obtain the peace after reconciliation
“My son,” the father said to (his older son) “you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” Luke 15:31, 32
A second chance is something that is worth celebrating.

Mauryn O.

Mauryn O.

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