Winnie Onyango

By Winnie Onyango

A poem asserted that beautiful people are like a rose in a forest of thorns. When they walk around, one might think they know it all. Their outward appearance makes others see that they are enjoying it all, what we fail to understand is that the outer appeal more often does not reveal that inside. Take a look at this, going to purchase a new car, you happen to spot one whose color, age and material pleases, and with a sigh you say ‘Gracious! This is the one!’ Shortly after making the purchase starting to drive, you notice that the engine has a problem, and now you thump your chest ‘Where the hell did this problem come?’

The fastest way to lead a healthy life is to find a coach, mentor or a role model that can help you achieve your goal much faster. This, I heard people say, no doubt you too do. In life comes a time when you really need to know who you are by trying to dig dip into yourself to know whom you are. Again look at this scenario, suppose you go shopping and find a pair of shoe, new in the market with admirable style, trying your leg on it, you feel that it just cannot fit; will you go ahead to make  purchase hoping it fits you fine later?

After several years of trying to gain self-awareness  and getting pressures in life, ‘Mark things that suits you, what you feel you are and not what people say about you’, an instruction given to us after being handed plain sheets. This test would make us find peace with ourselves without trying to be somebody else.

Then, there came this Game that changed my life. Our speaker brought two items with her; a one hundred shillings note and the Bible. Instruction that followed required each of us to pick out an item and leave with it. In making choice, one needed not to look at what others would say but only, why they thought they made the best choice. Suppose you were there, what would you settle on?

We all have different needs and learning to focus on what is important tends to be tough, we feel emotional and at times we tie ourselves in. As we plan to enter into marriage, any relationships, any career, asking ourselves, ‘WHO AM I?’ and ‘what are my needs?’ means the most important thing. At one point we would feel we are hard pressed and knowing what we value the most could be like trying to escape out of a dark jungle after several hours, but that will only be possible by trying to use the right tools, and that means looking for a mentor who will help you release the hidden blocks.

How can I better myself? Is a question you will come to understand after gaining self-awareness and by knowing our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and through acceptance that we are all different. And you too will come to accept that if you want to go far, you have to go with people. You are not alone; in fact many people face this in life. And you have to know the secret to self-worth. It’s all inside you. Seems so simple right?

Although this New Year is just beginning…Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up days from now to find you are fully aware? You’re ready…deep down you know this. Don’t wait another day to know who you are. You are the answer! If you are not sure where to start, there are amazing expert panel of Life coaches and counselors who will offer you their very best.

The Writer, Winnie Onyango, is a psychologist and counselor

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