A voter from Ugenya Constituency is set to file a case in the high court seeking to block IEBC from nominating embattled Ugenya MP Chris Karan to vie for member of parliament of Ugenya on the following grounds:

1. That Hon.Karan’s inability to speak in parliament puts his academic credentials in question and that the court should compel him to produce his academic credentials to put aside these doubts.

2) That having been locked out of the High Court case due to alleged forgery of hospital documents, he should be declared unfit to hold public office in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya and barred from being cleared to run again.


According to eye witnesses privy to the court papers, the voter feels that the MP’s failure to make a maiden speech in parliament is a manifestation of his incompetence and wants the high court to compel Mr. Karan to produce the following documents to verify his academic qualifications;

1. All his academic certifications as presented to the IEBC during the 2017 elections. These should include his transcripts and evidence of class attendances, course works and any published list showing his year of graduation. Through his lawyer, the voter argues that Mr. Karan being a public officer has no business keeping his academic documents private. He goes ahead to claim that compelling him to produce his academic documents would give Ugenya residents an assurance that their member of parliament is qualified enough represent them in that office (and that he did not forge the academic documents given his history of forgery according to the high court which nullified his victory/having forged hospital documents ).


On the issue of the alleged forgery where he allegedly presented forged hospital documents to the High court, the voter is seeking the opinion of the court and wants the judge to pronounce himself on whether it falls under electoral malpractice or not and if the former is true, does such an individual fit to vie for a public office leave alone holding it? IEBC election offence act is very clear and he wants the court to give a ruling on the same.

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These latest developments may compel the ODM party to conduct fresh nominations to get a fresh candidate to square off with the former MP David Ochieng of MDG whose petition has carried the day in the High Court, Court of Appeal and now the Supreme Court of Kenya.

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