Vision must be interlaced with smart goals to optimize excellent results


By Juliet Rogers,

Inspirational vision for future years must be interlaced with smart goals to optimize excellent results. Your altruistic perseverance, strenuous and remarkable loyalty to your purpose or goal will definitely transcend all your efforts that lead to success.

I have been observing you for quite a long time now, and I was fortunate to see certain qualities in you, and based upon my observations I came to the conclusion that you, Juliet will, not in long distant future, become a renowned Scientist, and at the end my prediction becomes a reality. This is vision – one’s ability to determine what things may be like in the long run.


On the other side of the coin, a goal is the thing or object a person badly needs to succeed in through great effort and determination. This requires adequate preparation and steadfastness. For instance, when one applies oneself by studying hard so as to prove oneself academically, what the individual achieves in the end, becomes his or her goal.

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People who are genuinely enthusiastic for their goals, see stumbling-blocks as challenges, for a stumbling block can be a stepping stone, that leads to future success (es). Stumbling blocks need to be crushed and should serve as motivation where the trier is out to succeed. So, a stumbling block becomes one, when you accept and see it that way.


Henry Ford (1836 -1947) an American Engineer, pioneer of standardization, mass production and the assembly line, wrote:

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

This means that one’s success is a sure thing provided that one maintains one’s resolve.

Henry Ford demonstrated this when the first company he founded failed, left his second but had unrelentingly built his first car powered by gasoline in 1896 and founded his third company, Ford Motor Company seven years later on the 16th June, 1903.


Don’t treat your goal as a mere thing it needs to be enshrined. If you want to accomplish it!

Tolerably, process it as something more of high standing or value than diamond to you. One should toil, pursue and stick to one’s goal like grim death. Fight for it day in and day out until it is actualized. Give it a hefty push! If you wish to be felicitous in life you need to be tireless and on the up and up.

The epoch of receiving mana from heaven should not be the aspiration of whosoever wants his or her goal to be realized. The accent should definitely be on hard work.


Kindly Ponder these words:

“Determine what specific goal you want to achieve. Then dedicate yourself to its attainment with unswerving singleness of purpose, the trenchant zeal of a crusader.” (1)


If people don’t accept your ideas; don’t quit! Admitting that the people you put confidence in deter you from yearning after excellence; don’t give up! More willingly, demonstrate to them how serious your aspiration means to you! Honestly, People who don’t accept your visual sense or idea, but discourage you from giving a chase to your dream need nothing practical from you, they only need you to evince to them the value you put on the enforcement of your dream. Arniehira was actuated and said: “Believe in your dreams, turn your head full of dreams into goals and then turn those goals into reality.” Until you push at a safe distance the perimeter of your trammels, you won’t realize how affluent you are with the possible.


Charlie Ergen, the former President and Chief Executive Officer of DISH NETWORK & ECHOSTAR COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION, is a pioneer in satellite broadcasting. Ergen, his wife and Ergen’s business partner started EchoSphere in 1980, when satellite television was anything but mainstream. They started selling satellite dishes out of the back of a truck and by 1993 the company was incorporated and was netting millions each year. DISH followed a few years later and after many successful acquisitions, Ergen now has an estimated net worth of $19.3 billion, according to Forbes.

In the meantime, reflect on these words:

Why do you do what you do? What is your goal or purpose? What’s holding you from accomplishing your goals? What is your why?

“Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure, but is the same with that type of activity as with all others, we are merely born with the capability to do it, the skill to mold the material into what we want must be learnt and a tentatively cultivated.” (2)


Admonition: Bring to maturity an unrelenting focus on your purpose and carry out your assignment(s) with precision and courage.

Angela Duckworth’s research at the University of Pennsylvania proves that the key prognosticator of success is not talent, title, wealth, or good looks. It is Grit: the ability to work hard for a long period of time toward a focused goal and keep moving forward in spite of challenges, obstacles and failures.

Over and above that, an American businessman, Paul J. Meyer, has motivated millions with his motivational quotes, including this one: “Crystallize your goals. Make a plan for achieving them and set yourself a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles and other people’s criticisms, carry out your plan.”

As the final move, do not let fear hold you back from accomplishing your goals. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (3)


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