Westlands MP sets the pace for African legislators

By Tim Sande

Westlands MP Hon Tim Wanyonyi is slowly shaping up to be one of the most powerful figures in the Kenya Political landscape. His humble demeanor not withstanding, his visibility, likability and popularity are glowing every single day.


Despite taking over the reigns of Westlands from the outspoken Fred Gumo in 2013, he has maintained a soft spoken personality. On the contrary, he is a great communicator with his constituents whom he passionately engages on all issues.

Westlands development originates and revolves around him. All hopes, cheers,disasters and despairs are cast to him. Through his passion and compassion, he practically finds solutions to the challenges his constituents face. His landslide reelection win in the 2017 election did not come as a surprise. He earned it.

Being soft spoken, considerate and pragmatic has endeared him to the public.He is a good listener on suggestions and accepts feedback. Additionally, he expresses his ideas and directives clearly while taking their needs into consideration.


Importantly, besides being soft spoken he has stood firm with his people on issues affecting them. For instance, he has advocated for the reclaiming of several grabbed public lands from the hands of rich tycoons. Lastly, he is a role model who leads by example. He is calm and collected while demonstrating his commitment to getting things done through his actions.

Jared Oundo

Jared Oundo

Jared Oluoch Oundo, Econ. MU, MEC, is the best-selling author of the famous Chemistry of Success as well as other titles such as Fertilize Your Dreams, Awakening the Academic Giant, Position Yourself for Excellence among others. Jared Oundo is a gifted business counselor, consultant, trainer, excellence crusader and Communication & Public Relations strategist. Over the years Jared has diligently dedicated his life in helping people realize their purpose in life through various mentorship programs. Jared also serves as an adviser to various executives. It is worth noting too that Jared is pious minister and a good governance advocate. He serves as one of the editors and Researchers for this publication. Jared Oundo is also the Editor-In-Chief of various publications owned by different companies.

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