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Jared Oundo passportThe Party Leader of the Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya, H.E. Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, and the entire WDM-K fraternity heartily congratulate Hon. Julius Musili Mawathe on his resounding victory during the just-concluded Embakasi South by-election.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the people of Embakasi South for re-affirming their faith and trust in the able leadership of Hon. Mawathe by voting overwhelmingly for him with 21,628 votes against 7,988 votes for his closest challenger. Thank you, Embakasi South voters! Your choice is the best choice!

Jared Oluoch Oundo with Sumra

We sincerely appreciate the gallant efforts by our Party Leader H.E. Hon Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, our Campaign Team led by the charismatic MP for Mavoko, Hon. Patrick Makau, as well as the retinue of leaders from both Wiper and other friendly parties, who made forays into every corner of the constituency to ensure wananchi were convinced that Hon. Mawathe was the best candidate on the ballot.

Jared Oluoch Oundo with MP Embakasi South Musili Mawathe

We gladly appreciate the support of well-wishers towards the achievement of our victory but we urge some of them not to provoke us by trying to reap where they did not sow. This may be understood in the context of life in the wild, where a brave cheetah brings down an antelope but, just as he prepares to have his meal in peace, scavengers such as hyenas, vultures and ravens, circle in for the meal, claiming it as their own!

Be that as it may, what has happened in Embakasi South is only a microcosm of what will happen in 2022 when our Party Leader, Hon.Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, will throw his hat into the ring for the Presidential race.

Once again, we thank all our supporters and well-wishers for the sweet victory in Embakasi South. This is a victory for all of us. Let us bask in the glory of our win!

April 6th, 2019

Jared Oundo

Jared Oundo

Jared Oluoch Oundo, Econ. MU, MEC, is the best-selling author of the famous Chemistry of Success as well as other titles such as Fertilize Your Dreams, Awakening the Academic Giant, Position Yourself for Excellence among others. Jared Oundo is a gifted business counselor, consultant, trainer, excellence crusader and Communication & Public Relations strategist. Over the years Jared has diligently dedicated his life in helping people realize their purpose in life through various mentorship programs. Jared also serves as an adviser to various executives. It is worth noting too that Jared is pious minister and a good governance advocate. He serves as one of the editors and Researchers for this publication. Jared Oundo is also the Editor-In-Chief of various publications owned by different companies.

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