Most Young People are Broke, but why do we waste the little we have?

By Gabriel Dinda,
Most Young People are Broke, but why do we waste the little we have?

Most of the young people today are so broke. The fact and reality of this can only be realized when you go for an event, for instance, and one of your friends calls you aside to ask for Ksh. 50, to go back home or when you invite a friend to an engagement and they are not able to make it because of lack of fare.

The situation with unemployment in Kenya is worse than it is reported by the media. It is probably worse than the government figures capture it. It is even a pity that those who are in positions to make policies to make the situation better are so detached. Who knows, maybe soon, they will be in a position to understand it and do something about it.

Even as we wait for that time, are we completely helpless, as of regards to the matter? I don’t think so. I walk around and notice a number of holes, through which most young people ‘waste’ money. But all we need is guidance, so we can do better. Therefore, guidance, I choose to provide.

What is a Skiza tune for?

I sometimes fail to understand whether I am too old for this generation, or whether I just don’t belong. But please help me understand, what’s a skiza tune for? My great friend and philosopher Paschal, was telling me of his shambaman who has 12 skiza tunes in different languages. We realized that he spends Ksh.12 for all the skiza tunes, daily. This translates to 4320 a year. Woow! That’s a lot. And what’s the value you get in return? Some skiza tunes only irritate your callers or make them judge you wrongly. Well, some say that they advertise their business through it. How effective is this? I look forward to a time when professional companies, and those that invest heavily in their brands, would use such a channel. Rethink this.

Bundles This is the greatest hole to your little money in 21 Century. Telecommunication companies have noticed this, and they have laid a trap for you. Take the psychology behind giving an offer of Ksh.49 for 1GB data. They know that you will despise Ksh.49 as little hence you will be able to spend it in a day. 1GB is a lot, and for you to finish it, you will spend most of your day on your phone. What do they achieve with this? They get you hooked, so you watch useless videos (only meant to make you laugh and nothing more), and by getting you hooked, they know, they have captured you and you will most likely spend another amount the next day. By hooking you to a your phone, they will be sure to keep you locked and being the nature of internet, you will not be thinking, hence they can misuse your emotions and use your data and behaviour to manipulate elections and other things they need. If you notice, and if you don’t take charge of your phone usage, you will notice that you subscribe for bundles and even don’t end up doing what you had wished to do. You are always online, but your professional communication channels (like emails), are never up to date. Rethink this.

Endless meetings in City Hotels with no results

“Hate meetings’ my friend and brother Brian Nyagol told me. I now understand him. Why would you agree to have a meeting with someone to discuss things you can discuss on phone or through Skype? Have you ever thought of the cost of meetings? I know of a friend of mine who kept hoping from one City Restaurant to another, with endless and unserviceable meetings. One time, I was his guest. Well, I went. He bought me coffee and then we ‘caught up’, when it was time to discuss what he had called me for, he said we would discuss on phone. This is the story of many people who move from one restaurant to another, hosting others for meetings whose agenda and goals are not well defined. A cup of coffee or tea in most hotels costs up to Ksh.200. If you calculate this in a month, coupled with the fare you keep dishing on the road as you come for such meetings, you will notice the amount of money you keep throwing in the ocean.

Let’s meet in town

How much does it cost to meet in town, every day, for 5 days? People spend so much on transport in Nairobi, and we never seem to notice. Why would you spread your meetings to be on different days so they require you to plan and travel every new day? In the process, you lose so much time, money and even productivity (when you get back home, you are so tired). Why not put all your meetings, in just a single day, back to back, so that you only have to travel to town or other places, perhaps, only once or twice a week.

There are surely a million and one ways through which we waste our money blatantly, and still cry that we are broke. If you look around, you will see such areas and many of them that you can adjust. Perhaps, instead of asking for more money, and blaming the government for never creating opportunities for us, we might just need to re-evaluate how we use the little that we have.

Rethink what you spend on

The writer,Gabriel Dinda, Founder of Writers Guild Kenya you can contact the writer via

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