Youth to benefit from new project launched in Siaya

Siaya County youths have been implored to be innovative and creative in promoting entrepreneurial skills, national and county development so as to tame illegal activities that can inhibit desirable development.

Siaya Deputy Governor His Excellency Dr. James Okumbe gave this charge on Tuesday this week during the launch of Youth Empowerment Project that targets over 800 youths from Alego Usonga sub-county in Siaya County.

“All the technological innovations gained from universities and colleges can be harnessed and used to exploit many opportunities that would change region into a hub of our economy. Our youths can as well make use of the internet to get direct technological innovations instead of diverting their energies on illicit businesses online,” said Dr. Okumbe.

The deputy governor who was accompanied by Education executive Hon. Mary Olute urged youths to use the internet for profitable businesses instead of engaging in illicit online activities.

“We must start engaging ourselves in innovative thinking to promote entrepreneurship and engender economic development now that the government is not able to absorb the many youths graduating yearly,” said Dr. Okumbe as he urged the young generation to translate their innovativeness into money making ventures.

“The era of youths depending on handouts from politicians and parents is gone. It’s the innovative ideas that would inspire economic success of graduates,” he added.

The deputy governor explained that he had to struggle out of the gold rich dens at Wagusu in Bondo to seek education that has never disappointed him. “I was not guided by anybody. After completing my forth form at Onjiko  in Bondo, I flew to Botwana to struggle and managed to pursue engineering as a course  before securing a job in South Africa whose proceeds are now sustaining me,” said Dr. Okumbe.

mary olute Jubilant Stewards

Meanwhile, the County Government of Siaya will not neglect youths according to the Deputy Governor. The 30 percent reserved for youths, women and persons with disabilities continues to benefit the youths of Siaya as an example of these efforts to support the youth by the Government.

The relevant County Government of Siaya departments are also mapping out youths and linking them to sectoral departments per their skills as a strategy of ensuring they are part of development in the region. The NGO’s working with the youth will hopefully engage on sensitization forums targeting youths to sensitive them on existing opportunities to be tapped.

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Education Executive Hon. Olute echoed the Deputy Governor’ statements saying youths from various counties were doing wonders with their savings adding that most of the Public Service Vehicles on the roads are purchased by youths.

Ms Olute further asked those youths who’ve made it to hold hands of fellows at the grassroots and help them make strides in development.

Mr. Owala of Community Implementing Group, a civil society, while addressing the gathering asked County government to review the CIDP (2018 – 2022) and the Annual Development Plan Document saying that its shallow on youth issues.


Jared Oundo

Jared Oundo

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